Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to say a quick Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope you all had a great day. We definately did. It was really great having Amy here to spend Christmas with us, the kids were so happy to have another person to show their new toys to and play with.

We are almost all packed up and ready to leave in the morning the rest of the week with our familys. Hopefully the weather is good tomorrow. I do of course wish we had had a little snow for Christmas but hope it holds off till around supper time tomorrow.

I also wanted to thank Sandra for the surprise I found when we went to do the last 2 blankets. Hopefully we can get to Micheals in our travels :)
Oh and Joe liked his blanket we made at Donna's and was surprised. And I got some goodies from CompuPro and a gift certificate for there as well so I will get to do some shopping when we get back!

Ok we are off to bed to get some sleep before the long drive tomorrow. Have a great holiday everyone.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


For not posting sooner but you know all of the excuses -it's that time of year.

It was a nugget box. You can find the patterns if you do a search on Split Coast in the forums section for nugget boxes. Darla was the fist one to guess a box so she was the closest. I have her address and will be putting a card in the mail asap.

The base of the box is mellow moss and the paper is from last years mini cataloge, I can't remember the name of it. The make merry if from tags and more and we used markers to color in the stamp.

I am almost done my shopping, I am going out this afternoon to try to finish and we are getting together tonight with some of the stampers for a little get together and to make some blankets. Believe it or not I actually have 3 of mine done. I am going to try to pick up the fleece today to surprise hubby with one that I will do tonight.

I'll try to post some pics of the blankets we do tonight. Gotta go make lunch.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

This is one of the projects we are doing on Saturday, but I am not going to tell you what it is :(

After Saturday I will post another picture for those of you that aren't able to come so you can see what it is.

I really do like to keep you all in suspense. I am the one who doesn't want to give any ideas for me for Christmas because I want it to be a surprise. I did do a wish list at CompuPro but I will be happy with whatever I get from there :) I love playing with new stuff (hint, hint Nicole).

Speaking of Christmas presents- I have been trying to not look at the "spoilers" on SCS to see what the gift from Shelli is for demonstrators. I have to say though that I am really tempted to see what they are saying about the gift. I am assuming it is a stamp set but I have no idea what it is.

Anyway, you can guess what you think is in the picture above and post it here if you want but I won't say if you are right or not :)

Hmm, maybe the first person to get it right will get an RAK (random act of kindness - a card) from me. You can post a comment here (sorry Mom-you can't play this one) and Sunday I will post a picture showing what it is and who won. Any guesses?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Just checking

I just tried to post a comment to Mom's blog and it wouldn't work. I was hoping I hadn't forgotten my password since it has been so long since I posted here! I guess it must just be a problem with her comments right now 'cause I didn't have any problems here.

I don't have anything to share right now. I am working on projects for Saturday. Well actually I just started last night, I have been sick for the last week and a half. I finally gave in and went to the hospital on Sunday and now have antibiotics so hopefully they will start kicking in soon. It figures I had a few days that I could have been stamping for fun and I didn't feel like it. Oh well, at least it will be over with before Christmas.

I am hoping to get some stamping in this afternoon so maybe tomorrow I will have something to show you. Maybe even a sneek peek for Saturday.

Monday, December 04, 2006


Look at what I did!

Ok, it might not be too impressive to some or most of you but I have to say that I am pretty happy with this.

This is the pattern I drew on the back of the patterened papers for the class. Don't mind my names for all of them, if you look at the picture of all of the cards hopefully you can figure out which piece goes with which card. If not let me know and I will explain it better. If you click on the diagram it should come up bigger. The measurements aren't to any scale I just used "paint" on my computer and eyeballed it.

When I was figuring out my pattern I used grid paper and marked off 12 squares by 12 squares and then figured out my main pieces I wanted to get out of the paper (for me it was the tote and the tin) and then worked around those to create the other pieces for the cards.

I hope this helps some of you out and maybe will inspire some to make their own one sheet wonders.


These are the cards and tin we did in the One Sheet Wonder classes on Saturday. We also did a tote and a bookmark. All in 2 hours!
It was lots of fun and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Hopefully it wasn't too stressful for anyone :)

I had a few people ask for the template for the OSW so I am going to attempt to figure out how to make one on my computer. If that doesn't work I will draw a picture (if I have to resort to that please excuse my drawing - it is pretty much as bad as my computer skills, no it is worse for sure!) and take a picture of it. Wish me luck.

This Thursday is the last one of this year so we will be doing Christmas cards and then on the 16th of Dec we get together and I will have 3 projects for everyone to do and I will bring my stamps and inks and everyone can finish up any last minute projects/cards or maybe be inspired and do some new ones. I can't wait, maybe I will even get some time to play.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Just in case...

anyone is still up or has a chance to check this in the morning here is another sneak peek. Since it was mentioned that I hinted that I might show 2 I thought I would give you one more :)

Of course this isn't one of the WOW cards because I just can't do that but I do have to say that it is pretty cute. This one was inspired by one of the swap cards I recently recieved and I decided to scale it down and make it a note card. Oops! Speaking of making it a note card that reminds me I forgot to pack something for it or I guess I should say for the envelope. I guess I had better add that to my list to put in my bag tomorrow.

Anyway, I'm off to finish my last few things and go to bed.

As promised...

Here is one of the cards we are doing tomorrow. I have to tell you that I had a really hard time doing this though because I like to keep them a secret (usually right up until we are about to do the card). So I need you to tell me if you like getting sneak peeks or do you like to be surprised?

I don't have too much left to do for tomorrow so I am hoping to get some time to play later. We'll see how the day goes though:)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Too cute!

This is a sneak peek at one of the cards we are doing tonight. It is a cased card from SCS that Roberta e-mailed me a picture of a few days ago. I wasn't going to do a Christmas card tonight but I couldn't help it.

I changed the card just a little to use what I have and just love it. I can't wait to until everyone does them tonight. The other card is with Carte Postale and I am very excited about that. This was my first time using Carte Postale and I am in love with this set. I am hoping to use it in my scrapbooking soon too.

I have been super busy getting ready for Saturday's stamp camp and last night I did a card for CompuPro's open house next weekend. Tomorrow I will upload a sneak peek at one (maybe even 2) of the cards we are doing on Saturday. I promise- I already took the picture so I have no excuses. Well maybe time but I am almost ready so I will be sure to make time.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More Scrapgala

This is the picture frame we made in the Hung up on Family class. I had this picture with me but didn't like the colors so I printed it in Sepia when I got home and dry brushed the edges a little to make it go with the frame better.

I really don't know what my favorite class was but I have to say that I loved this one and want to find more of these frames so I can do more and maybe even teach a class with them.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I just had the best weekend. Mom, Amy (my sister) and I went to Monton for ScrapGala this past weekend. We had 2 full days of classes and loved every one of them. The teachers were awesome. Some of the classes were more fast paced and some were slower and more relaxing. The ones that I had at the end of both days were more relaxing and it was a nice end to the day. We made books, did scrapbook pages, made little holiday ornaments and even made a wall hanging.

All of the teachers gave out prizes and in Kah Mei's class if you won a prize you had to tell something about yourself or do something. Every once in a while you would hear someone in the hall yell "I love scrapbooking". We were in her class last on Saturday and when Amy won we decided that she would have to have a stamp on her cheek and then she got to keep that stamp.

This is all of the teachers when at the "Thank you" to the teachers. They all said that they can't wait to come back next year. They loved teaching here.

I really can't put into words how great these teachers were. I really hope they can all come back next year and am planning on being there.

I will take some pictures of the projects and post them later. I know I will have more to say then too 'cause I know there are things I wanted to say that I missed. I do have to get some of my house work done so check back later.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

One Week

Well I can't believe it has been a week since I posted. It has been a really busy week so here is a quick recap.

Friday night was Alicia's party, Saturday morning we left for Dad's 50th party that night. Sunday we left my parents after lunch and we dropped Joe off in Sherwater. About 15 minutes after we left Sherwater Ian started saying he smelled something. We stopped at Tim's by the airport and Sasha (the dog) had had diarea (sp?) in the back seat. Thank goodness my sister was with me cause I don't know how I would have cleaned that up with 2 kids and a dog. We arrived home around 10:00 and then my neighbor took Amy to the ferry in Saint John Monday morning.

Monday I took Ian to have his picture re-takes for school because his first one had a clear line of snot from his nose to his lip. We had to wait an hour but I think it will be worth it.

The last couple of days I have been getting everything cut out for class tonight and working on my name badge for the scrapping weekend in Moncton this weekend. I am meeting Mom & Amy in Moncton tomorrow night. I am getting a babysitter to come until Joe gets here so I can leave a little earlier. I can't wait after this week I am so ready to relax and take some classes.

This is the name badge that I spent too much time on but there is a contest for the best one so hopefully I will win something and make it worth while :) You can't see it in the picture but there is glitter on my name and in the center of the flower. I used bravo burgandy craft ink and holographic embossing powder.

Ok so that wasn't a very quick recap but I hope you had a little laugh with me over the dog incident. I can laugh about it now that I have my van clean again!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween

I hope you all had a happy Halloween. This is a picture of my treaters before we went out. I took both of them to a few places and then Joe took Ian to a few more while Emma and I handed out treats to the last 3 (of 15) kids we had.

Ian is already asking when Halloween will be again.

So, today I can pre-order from the Winter mini and I have no idea what to order. I want it all! Well almost all, I'm sure there must be a few things I can do without :) Not sure just what though. I guess I had better make another list and try to narrow it down a bit.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Regionals in Halifax

Yay! Regionals was awesome!

We had such a great time. We started by getting a free stamp set that we used throughout the day for Make & Takes. Then we swapped cards, it is amazing how fast you can swap 60 cards. I was a little worried at first that I was going to bring some home but by there was no fear of that.

Shelli was there, she was great. Mom and I had our picture taken with her at the end and had a couple of minutes to talk to her. She was so nice and she said she really likes Halifax and plans on coming back so hopefully that means there will be another Regionals here. There is a picture of us with Shelli on Mom's blog if you want to check it out.

So this is me with the mic on before the presentation. The pictures during the presentation were a little dark, if I can figure out how to lighten them I will post one. I think it went well. I had quite a few people tell me they liked it and that they didn't think I looked nervous. The blue Christmas card was definately a favorite and they liked the button. I do wish I would have been a little more relaxed but I guess for my first time on stage it went well. We are always our own worst critics right?

Like Mom said it really makes you want to go to Convention. We learned so many things and saw so many samples and ideas it was a little overwhelming but I took lots of pictures and can't wait to start recreating some of them. I just need to reoganize my space first :)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Quick post

I have a ton of stuff to do before tomorrow but I wanted to post just in case I don't have time before I leave.

I think I will use this card as one of my demos on Saturday. This is one of the favorites from my stamp camp (was it last month?). It is a fairly simple looking card but I think it is a wow. Brayer the pumpkin patch spectrum over the vellum then stamp the trees on the front. Let dry and then flip the vellum over and upside down and stamp the trees in line with the first trees.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Scrapper's Treat Aprons

This is the a picture of the Thursday night stampers at Scrapper's Treat with their matching aprons on. (Eleanor I didn't post the one I took before I got in the picture but if you want a copy let me know).
I expect to see the aprons Thursday night too :)

This is my swap card for Regionals. I am making 60 of these and I realized last week that I had put 240 brads into these cards. The cardstock is bashful blue, brillant blue, whisper white and vellum paper. Inks are Brilliant blue, blue frost spectrum pad and black craft. French script and lovely as a tree stamp sets, irridescent ice embossing powder and vintage or silver brads. I ran out of silver brads and had to use vintage brads on the rest.

I think I will also use this as one of my demo cards in my presentation because it is one of my original cards.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm back

from the Scrapper's Treat in Mactaquac. I had a great time and can't wait for the next one. Friday I go to Halifax for the night for Regionals and am really excited about that as well. Mom and I are going to go to Micheals and Carsand Mosher too so it will be lots of fun (and money spent I'm sure).

This is the Halloween card we made at Angie's party. The scene is done on glossy cardstock, the house, trees, fence and witch were done first with black craft ink and black embossed and then the moon (circle from simple shapes) was stamped with versamark over top of the witch. Then the pumpkin patch spectrum pad was brayered (sp?) on top.

The technique of stamping with versamark and then brayering over it is called "ghosting" which I thouht was appropriate for a Halloween party. The other colors of cardstock are black and pumpkin pie, the ribbon is tangerine and black gingham.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I am in shock!

I had a call about 40 minutes ago from one of the presenters from Stampin' Up! and she asked if I would present with her at regionals next weekend. She wants me to talk about things that I do that make my customers go "Wow".

I have been trying to work on my 50+ swap cards and can't seem to concentrate. All I can think about is what to say. I don't think she really wants me to demonstrate anything but to talk about what works for me.

Of course I had to call Mom as soon as I got off the phone. My heart was racing, I can't believe I am going to stand in front of 120 or more demonstrators and talk about what I do.

I am very excited but nervous too. If there is anything that you can think of that I have done or a technique that I have showed you that made you go "wow" can you let me know? I have been trying to think of the projects that we have done and also some of the things that I say that I could talk about.

I will post a picture of my swap cards when they are finished and I haven't forgotten about the halloween card I was going to post.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Friday the 13th

Friday night my Stamper's group had a halloween themed party. It lots of fun, about half of the stampers were dressed up and we had fun with 1 in particular trying to figure out who she was ( there is a picture at the bottom).

We did a halloween card and a Christmas card. I will try to get
pictures later to upload.

Saturday I did the OSW class at CompuPro and it went great. 8 ladies completed 5 cards, a tote, a tin and a bookmark in less than 2 hours! The only thing they didn't do was the coloring on 2 of the cards.

Only 4 more days till we go to
Mactaquac for a weekend of scrapbooking! I can't wait!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My only wedding pics

We got home Monday night after a week at my parents house for the wedding. I was thinking I would get a break and get to relax a little when we got back after all of the wedding preperations. I can't really say I did a whole lot for the wedding but it felt like we were running all week between helping Mom out where I could, visiting and taking care of 2 kids. Anyway, it really hasn't slowed down because I am still preparing for the classes I have Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

So, no card pics today. These are the only pictures I took the whole week! How bad is that? I really wanted to take some but didn't even get a chance to pull out my camera at the wedding or reception.

This is a picture of less than half of the wedding cakes we wrapped. Mom baked them (with Ian's help) and then her sister Jane, Mom and I wrapped them.

BTW Superman dropped in for a snack too! Amy had him outside and they came in a couple of times for a quick bite.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Just a quick post since I should be finishing my packing right now. I think I mainly just have to do my stamping stuff and that shouldn't be too hard. Although, packing light may be a little tough!

This is a card we did a few weeks ago. Colors are chocolate chip, certainly celery and cool carribean. Stamp sets are Think big and the Designer laber punch box.

I also had to upload a pic of our guests that have been visiting our yard quite a bit the last couple of days. Aren't they beautiful?

The last few days they have been right outside our window while we were eating supper.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Thank you

Roberta dropped this card off last night to say "Thank you" for taking the pictures of them a couple of weeks ago.
There was also a gift certificate for CompuPro in there! Lucky me, eh? I was surprised when she handed it to me, I really didn't expect anything. It was fun for me and I'm glad we ended up with some good pictures.

Friday, September 29, 2006

I am so happy

I really need to go to bed but before I do I just have to say that I am feeling pretty good right now (no I haven't been drinking). Tonight I finished my swap cards for Mom's swap that I have to take with me. Yes, I am a procrastinator. I also did the projects for the class I am teaching at CompuPro (look for a sneak peek on the CompuPro blog soon) and I cut out the last card for the home workshop I am doing tomorrow.

Anyway, I need to go to bed. Check back soon. I am hoping to have time before I leave on Sunday to upload a couple of cards.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sneak peek for tonight

Just a little sneak peek at one of the cards we will be doing in class tonight. I have to admit that I have had this set since probably August and this was my first time using it. I had to have it to do Ian's b'day invitations but didn't have time. I will use it for the scrapbook page when I do his birthday though.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Towel Cake

I have to brag about my creativity (or at least my ability to copy). LOL!!!

This is the towel cake I made for my brother's wedding shower a couple of weeks ago. The base is 2 bath towels, the middle layer is 4 bar towels (it was supposed to be 2 hand towels but I couldn't find any white ones) and the the top is 2 face cloths.

My neighbor called me after she had been at a bridal shower to tell me that she had seen this cake and thought of me when she saw it. If you do a search for a bridal shower towel cake it should come right up.

BTW - If you click on the picture you should be able to see it full screen.

Now I just have to figure out what to get them for a wedding present. The wedding is next weekend. Any ideas?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rest of the Stamp Camp projects

This card is with Close as a Memory done with a watercolor technique where you ink the stamp with markers and then spritz it with water. The background is Well Worn Words stamped in marigold morning and then sponged with true thyme. The colors on the flowers are the same as above and cranberry crisp. The ribbon is my latest favorite - true thyme stitched ribbon and I used my QuickKutz to punch out the buckles.

The picture of this one didn't come out very good. It is an altiod tin covered with recollections paper and the tag is from Tags so Much mounted on a piece of bravo burgandy with a burgandy ribbon stapled on. There is a little book that goes in the tin that I didn't get a picture of.

The last one is a CD case that was done on cool carribean cardstock with the Bodacious wheel and the large flower from Bodacious Bouquet stamped in Rose Red on Regal Rose cardstock. The band is certainly celery and "for you" is in more mustard.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Stamp Camp cards

These are some of the cards we did at the stamp camp on Saturday.

The first 1 is with Unfrogettable and Happy everything. The patterened paper is Dots & Dashes. The cardstock is pumpkin pie, glorious green and whisper white. The swirls wheel is on the pumpkin pie with versamark.

The 2nd one is a reflection with Lovely as a Tree and the pumpkin patch spectrum pad on vellum paper. The cardstocks are really rust and old olive.

The 3rd card is the one that was posted on Mom's blog. This card is 3 x 3 and is certainly celery and elegant eggplant with the Sew Seasonal stamp set.

The last one is a grid technique. I used mellow moss, cranberry crisp, close to cocoa and very vanilla. The stamp set is Bareback and the backgrounds are linen and weathered.

I will post the rest of the projects this week so keep checking back.

Friday, September 22, 2006


I don't know if it is blogger or me but I can't get the links to work this time. I will check back later to see if they are working and if they are not I will post the links directly.

Me again, I fixed it and it was me. Enjoy the links :)

Ribbon Dyeing

As promised I am updating my blog. I know it has been a week but it has been a busy 1. We went to my parents last weekend for a quick trip and then when we got back I had to finish up the projects for Saturday's Stamp Camp and for last night. For those of you who are coming tomorrow it is going to be lots of fun. I am really excited to do all of the projects.

So, on to the ribbon dyeing. This is a Tutorial on SCS for ribbon dyeing. This tutorial was done by Amy Rysavy who has a really great blog called Prarie Paper and Ink. When you have a chance you really should check out her blog, I usually do daily. I haven't done the ribbon dyeing this way yet but if I need lots done at once this is the way I will do it.

The way I have dyed my ribbon is with white ribbon, a sponge dauber and ink. All you do is lay the ribbon on a scrap piece of paper and apply ink to it with the sponge dauber. You have to do both sides, the ink will seep through but it won't go as dark.

I have also read that you can dye your ribbon with pastels (chalks) and that you can do just 1 side and have double sided ribbon. Hopefully Sunday I will have some time to play and try this out.

I will post pics of the projects we do tomorrow throughout the next week since it is about time I posted a card.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Sneak Peek

I am going to make you work for this. I just sent an e-mail to Happy Stamper with a sneak peek of 1 of the cards we are doing next weekend. It is also a card that I did for her challenge to use a set that you haven't used in a while or maybe even never. This is one that I used when I first got it in July but haven't used since. Thanks for the challenge "Happy Stamper".

So if you want to see the sneak peek you will have to check out Happy Stamper's blog. The link is on the left.

Joy's kids brought their cards they made to to show me a couple of days ago so I had to take a picture to put on the blog. They did really cute cards. The 1 on the far left is a buckle card and he did it sideways to what I have done. I thought that was a great idea. Thanks for sharing your cards guys!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I know I haven't posted in a few days but that doesn't mean I haven't been stamping. The last few days I have been really busy getting ready for tonight's class, next Thursday's class and the Stamp till you Cramp on the 23rd. We are going to my parents for the weekend so I am trying to get as much as I can done now so I won't be rushing next week. That is rather rare for me to be that prepared.

Anyway, the class on the 23rd is going to be awesome. I love doing Saturdays because we can do things that I wouldn't normally do on a Thursday night class.

Yesterday was Ian's first day of Pre-school and he loved it! When I was getting Emma dressed to take him he said "Come on Mommy, drop me off". Today he was just as excited and just smiled and did this little wave and smirk when Emma and I left.

If I get a chance once I get everything packed for tonight (which I have to go do now) I will post a sneak peek of one of the cards we are doing next weekend. I'm of to pack for tonight and for the trip tomorrow.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Hodgepodge Hardware

If you have been looking at the hodgepodge hardware kits but are unsure of the cost this is a breakdown of the cost of all of the pieces.

Hodgepodge detail information

4 - small oval label holder
4 - large oval label holder
4 - square label holder
4 - small rectangle label holder
4 - large rectangle label holder
8 - small rectangle buckles
8 - large rectangle buckles
6 - oval buckles
12 - pointed photo anchors
12 - rounded photo anchors
6 - rectangle things
6 - rectangle double buckles
10 - rounded ribbon holder
10 - pointed ribbon holder
10 - circle clips
10 - square clips
10 - oval clips
10 - double spiral clips
100 brads

Clips and photo anchors (64 pieces)-- 13 cents each
Buckles and picture hangers (54 pieces) --25 cents each
Label holders (20 pieces) -- 53 cents each
Brads (100 pieces) -- 5 cents each

TOTAL $37.42
Ok so the cost is $37.95 but the original document I had was for a higher price (from the last book)and I couldn't figure it out any closer than this. If anyone wants to play with the #'s let me know and I will change it.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

In Colors Chart

I have been trying to do this for a couple of days (off & on) now and thanks to Angela I think it is going to work.

Stampin' Up! now has a printable color combinations chart that you can download and print at home for lots of color combos with the new In Colors. Click Here to download this. It is 4 pages of options for using the In Colors. If you can't print in color you can print it in Black & White and punch out the colors from cardstock and glue them on (the 3/4 inch circle punch should be the right size).

Hopefully this link works, if not let me know and I will e-mail it to you.

Edited to say "yea, I just tried it and it works". Thanks Angela.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

More challenge stuff

Here is a link to the SCS challenge finalists if you want to see more pics.

And this is the link for if you do a search for LSC79 (limited supply challenge 79).

It really is amazing to see what the others have done with this challenge. I think I am going to have to go shopping to see what else I can find that I can alter. I just used what I had in the house. Imagine the possibilitys! Hmmm maybe I should go yard saleing (sp?) this weekend. I saw signs for 1 in New Maryland for this weekend.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mom did the challenge

Mom (aka Happy Stamper) sent me an e-mail with this picture of the projects she created for the challenge. Aren't they awesome!?!

Thank you for joining me in the challenge. It was fun to do and fun to see what can be done with 1 sheet of patterened paper.

This is the list of projects:
5 standard size cards
1 tote bag for cards
1 take out box
1 candle
1 Candy pouch
1 6X6 page layout
3 love notes

The stamp sets used were: Snowflake Spot. A Merry Little Christmas and Riveting (for the sentiments).

The paper used was a sheet of the Holiday Thyme Designer Paper. The cardstock colors were: Cranberry Crisp, Old Olive and Vanilla.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Challenge-Here they are!

I can't believe how many projects I made with just 1 sheet of patterened paper. Last night when I started this I was a little overwhelmed with choosing the paper and stamp sets but once I got going it really was fun.

I used the Treehouse paper, A Light Heart & Genuine Articles. The cardstock colors are More Mustard, Buckaroo Blue, Cranberry Crisp and True Thyme.

The projects I made were:
1- shadow box
1- tin
4- 6x6 scrapbook pages
3- 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 cards
1- 3x3 note card w/envelope
1- 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 card

I found this was a really great creativity challenge. It really made me think and do this on my own. A lot of the times I go to Splitcoast for
ideas and this was fun to have to "just go with it" so to speak. I might just have to do this again sometime. Just not right away, I have too many other things that need to be done before I start something like this again.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Wedding pics

I took exactly 170 pictures yesterday. I have deleted a few and cropped some and saved them as new pictures so I still have right around 170 pictures to choose from.

These are a few of my favorites but it was very hard to choose. I am really happy with how they turned out and it was fun playing photographer for a couple of hours.

Now I can't wait until my brother's wedding to have Ian & Emma's pictures taken all dressed up.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Lots to blog about

I had a rough start to my week when we had to put one of our cats down. We had the cats for 3 years before we had Ian so they were our kids before we had kids so it was really hard (and still is) for both of us. Then Joe went into the field for 2 nights and the other cat brought a mouse onto my bed while I was up with Emma the 2nd night. It ended up hiding in my treadmill so I spent the rest of the night downstairs in the spare bed. Luckily the rest of the week has been rather uneventful.

This afternoon (in about an hour) I am taking pictures of Roberta's kids before her brother's wedding this evening. They are both in the wedding party so it should be fun taking pics of them all dressed up. Hopefully I will be able to post a couple tonight or tomorrow.

I was on SCS this morning and was checking out the challenges and the limited supplies challange for this weekend is to do a OSW (one sheet wonder) with a 12 x 12 sheet of patterened paper. Normally a OSW is done by stamping an entire sheet of cardstock and then cutting it to use on different cards or projects. This one you have to use the entire sheet and it has to be on at least 2 cards and 2 non- card projects. You are only allowed to use 2 stamp sets and 1 verse set. I think that is all of the rules. I will try to check later to make sure I have it right.

So that is going to be my challenge to you and to myself. This weekend pull out a sheet of patterened paper and use it to create as many cards and 3-D items as you can. If you have a digital camera you can take a picture of your projects and I can post them here if you want. I would love to see what everyone comes up with. If you don't read this until after the weekend and still want to participate go for it.

Have a great long weekend.

Monday, August 28, 2006

I am sitting here on hold with the doctor's office because I managed to forget Emma's appointment this morning so I figured I might as well post a couple of pictures.

I haven't had time to make any cards the last few days (could have something to do with the wisdom teeth coming out last week) so these
are a couple of pics I took in July of Ian playing with the sprinkler. I can't wait to get to scrapbook these. I really need to get my pictures reorganized so I can get lots done at the Scrapper's Treat in Mactaquac.