Friday, September 15, 2006

Sneak Peek

I am going to make you work for this. I just sent an e-mail to Happy Stamper with a sneak peek of 1 of the cards we are doing next weekend. It is also a card that I did for her challenge to use a set that you haven't used in a while or maybe even never. This is one that I used when I first got it in July but haven't used since. Thanks for the challenge "Happy Stamper".

So if you want to see the sneak peek you will have to check out Happy Stamper's blog. The link is on the left.

Joy's kids brought their cards they made to to show me a couple of days ago so I had to take a picture to put on the blog. They did really cute cards. The 1 on the far left is a buckle card and he did it sideways to what I have done. I thought that was a great idea. Thanks for sharing your cards guys!

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Anonymous said...

I found it, what a cute card!! I love that slit punch used like that. And wow those boys made some nice cards!! They are off to an early start!