Friday, January 30, 2009

He comes by it honestly

First, this is my second post today!!! Shocking isn't it!?! So scroll down to see my first post and get the rest of the story :)

I was talking to Mom earlier and was telling her about Ian's camera addiction and she said well he does come by it honestly. Hehehe!

I also told her that the other night I made weiner roll-ups for supper and they were on top of the stove while I was getting everything else together. Ian said to me "Mommy go stand beside the hot dogs so I can take your picture". That is when he had the bug bad!

Anyway, these are some pictures I took this morning. I couldn't help but post them as kind of a follow up to the last post :)

I've created a monster!

I gave Ian my old camera a couple of days ago and he has been having so much fun taking pictures of everything! In less than 2 days he has taken over 40 pictures and I'm sure it would have been more if the memory card was bigger!

This is one he took of himself. Not bad for the first time, eh?

We have a whole bunch of pictures of the tv screen for the Wii. He's been getting Joe to play this airplane game for him when he gets stuck................

Another self portrait. His lips are really chapped from this cold weather we've been having. Look at those eyelashes though!!!

Emma is also a pretty good subject for him. I wish she would pose even has as much for me as she does for Ian. This was Ian's camera (can you tell I have a thing for cameras? Did I tell you I got a new one after Christmas? Hehehehe!) but someone (I'm not naming any names but I'm pretty sure it starts with a J) took the cover off to change the batteries and lost the cover. Argh!

This is Emma getting ready for Dance class. My hand is behind her head, I'm trying to do her hair but she is more interested in what her brother is doing.

Ok, time to get some breakfast. I just had to do a quick update :)


Friday, January 16, 2009

Just wanted to let you know that IT IS COLD here!!!!! This morning when I took Ian to the bus (well, I stood on the step and watched him walk to the end of the driveway as the bus was pulling up) it was -34!!! It has now "warmed up" to -30! Just so you Nova Scotianer's know, I don't want to hear any complaining about the cold :)

P.S. I think the font is "funny" the last half of that post but I can't figure out how to change it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The best of intentions

I had planned on posting more often in the New Year, getting things "back to normal" and trying to record some of the daily "stuff". So far I'm off to a really bad start though!

The last week everyone in the house has been sick (except me!) and it's been pretty busy. Ian missed the first 2 days of school but is back in full swing now and I think he likes being back in a routine (although I'm sure he would really like to be home playing the Wii all the time).

Ian and Emma started skating lessons on Saturday. Emma was so excited and was sure she would be able to just go! Ian's lesson was at 10:15 and I took him over expecting to have to help him out for the first little bit but he did so good! Ian was done at 11 and I came home for a few minutes and then Emma and I went over while Ian and Joe stayed home to get some things done (although I don't think much was actually done!). Emma really liked "skating" but my back suffered big time! Next week Joe and I will probably both go so we can switch off. She did do ok after a while but she had a really hard time staying up and had to be held the whole time. I'm sure Ian was like that at the beginning of last year and it won't take her long though.

Oh! I have a funny story! Emma was sick with the flu Friday night (and on the way home from town in the van but I don't think you want to hear about that one...........blah!). She had only had apple juice and when it came back up it looked exactly the same. While she is gagging and sputtering she was saying "Wh.....wha..........what.........kin........what kind...............what kind of puke is it?" Joe told her it was apple juice and she turned to me and said "it's apple juice puke Mommy". I said ok, thanks.

Ok, I don't know how it is now 9:45 but I have to get off the computer and get some cleaning done. Emma was supposed to go to the sitter today but she is sick with a croupy cough so we are taking it easy here today. In a way I'm glad I don't have to go out anyway since it's
-22........................and Dad was saying we wouldn't want to go out when we were there over Christmas and it was -10! Ha! That's not cold! :) Just kidding, it is cold but this is COLD!

Gotta go!