Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My only wedding pics

We got home Monday night after a week at my parents house for the wedding. I was thinking I would get a break and get to relax a little when we got back after all of the wedding preperations. I can't really say I did a whole lot for the wedding but it felt like we were running all week between helping Mom out where I could, visiting and taking care of 2 kids. Anyway, it really hasn't slowed down because I am still preparing for the classes I have Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

So, no card pics today. These are the only pictures I took the whole week! How bad is that? I really wanted to take some but didn't even get a chance to pull out my camera at the wedding or reception.

This is a picture of less than half of the wedding cakes we wrapped. Mom baked them (with Ian's help) and then her sister Jane, Mom and I wrapped them.

BTW Superman dropped in for a snack too! Amy had him outside and they came in a couple of times for a quick bite.

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