Monday, October 16, 2006

Friday the 13th

Friday night my Stamper's group had a halloween themed party. It lots of fun, about half of the stampers were dressed up and we had fun with 1 in particular trying to figure out who she was ( there is a picture at the bottom).

We did a halloween card and a Christmas card. I will try to get
pictures later to upload.

Saturday I did the OSW class at CompuPro and it went great. 8 ladies completed 5 cards, a tote, a tin and a bookmark in less than 2 hours! The only thing they didn't do was the coloring on 2 of the cards.

Only 4 more days till we go to
Mactaquac for a weekend of scrapbooking! I can't wait!


Tina said...

Looks like you guys had a good time, I'm sorry I missed this one!!! I love Sandra's costume!

Anonymous said...

It was fun wasn't it! You'll have to email me some of your pics- I had my camera all ready to roll and didn't take one stinkin' picture!


Sandra said...

I had a great time. Maybe a "theme" party can be an idea for another stampers 12....Glad things went well on past Saturday...have fun this Saturday.