Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to say a quick Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope you all had a great day. We definately did. It was really great having Amy here to spend Christmas with us, the kids were so happy to have another person to show their new toys to and play with.

We are almost all packed up and ready to leave in the morning the rest of the week with our familys. Hopefully the weather is good tomorrow. I do of course wish we had had a little snow for Christmas but hope it holds off till around supper time tomorrow.

I also wanted to thank Sandra for the surprise I found when we went to do the last 2 blankets. Hopefully we can get to Micheals in our travels :)
Oh and Joe liked his blanket we made at Donna's and was surprised. And I got some goodies from CompuPro and a gift certificate for there as well so I will get to do some shopping when we get back!

Ok we are off to bed to get some sleep before the long drive tomorrow. Have a great holiday everyone.


Tina said...

Merry Christmas!! Have a safe trip!

Nicks Yacks said...

Merry Christmas! THinking of you guys out there on the roads - have a safe trip home!

Glad to hear you and the fam. had a nice Christmas! I'm sure Nanny is waiting anxiously for their arrival to her house for more Christmas Cheer!