Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I am in shock!

I had a call about 40 minutes ago from one of the presenters from Stampin' Up! and she asked if I would present with her at regionals next weekend. She wants me to talk about things that I do that make my customers go "Wow".

I have been trying to work on my 50+ swap cards and can't seem to concentrate. All I can think about is what to say. I don't think she really wants me to demonstrate anything but to talk about what works for me.

Of course I had to call Mom as soon as I got off the phone. My heart was racing, I can't believe I am going to stand in front of 120 or more demonstrators and talk about what I do.

I am very excited but nervous too. If there is anything that you can think of that I have done or a technique that I have showed you that made you go "wow" can you let me know? I have been trying to think of the projects that we have done and also some of the things that I say that I could talk about.

I will post a picture of my swap cards when they are finished and I haven't forgotten about the halloween card I was going to post.


Roberta said...

Can you stand in front of that many people and talk?! I think I'd die! Good Luck, you'll do great. I have faith in you!!

linda said...

Congratulations!!! I know you will do great because you are excellent at what you do! Be confident that she would not have asked you to go talk in front of all those people if she did not think you would do an awsome job!
Way to go Karen!!! :o)

Happy Stamper said...

You go GIRL!! I will be cheering for you in the audience!! Just do what you do everyday- be your AWESOME self!!

One PROUD Mom!

Nicks Yacks said...

You know what I was going to repeat your MOm!

Karen, You WOW us by being YOU! Having enthusiam about Stamping and wanting to share the enthusiam WOW's those who are just beginning to the Pro's!

Hosting a 50Card Swap for Your Customers UMMMMMMMMM WOW! That makes for a community of enthuisast that are involved in stamping because of YOU!

Okay, I'm rambling we will talk more tomorrow! LOL


Happy Stamper 17 said...

Well, if you ar ANYTHING like your mother, which I am sure you are, your stampers WOW everytime they are shown something!
Congratulations and good luck. I can't wait to read how it went!!

Sandra said...

Congratulations Karen. You have awesome talents and I am sure you will entertain the audience with an excellent presentation. Good Luck!