Friday, September 22, 2006

Ribbon Dyeing

As promised I am updating my blog. I know it has been a week but it has been a busy 1. We went to my parents last weekend for a quick trip and then when we got back I had to finish up the projects for Saturday's Stamp Camp and for last night. For those of you who are coming tomorrow it is going to be lots of fun. I am really excited to do all of the projects.

So, on to the ribbon dyeing. This is a Tutorial on SCS for ribbon dyeing. This tutorial was done by Amy Rysavy who has a really great blog called Prarie Paper and Ink. When you have a chance you really should check out her blog, I usually do daily. I haven't done the ribbon dyeing this way yet but if I need lots done at once this is the way I will do it.

The way I have dyed my ribbon is with white ribbon, a sponge dauber and ink. All you do is lay the ribbon on a scrap piece of paper and apply ink to it with the sponge dauber. You have to do both sides, the ink will seep through but it won't go as dark.

I have also read that you can dye your ribbon with pastels (chalks) and that you can do just 1 side and have double sided ribbon. Hopefully Sunday I will have some time to play and try this out.

I will post pics of the projects we do tomorrow throughout the next week since it is about time I posted a card.

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