Monday, September 01, 2008


I have been scrapbooking LOTS so over the next few days I will share some of the layouts with you.

This first one is something that I have been planning on doing ever since I saw the cover of the CTMH catalogue a couple of months ago. I fell in love with the papers and the layout and knew I wanted to do a page about Emma similar to it.

I cut the flowers out of the patterned paper and used glue dots and pop up glue dots to add them to the page. The ric rac is from a pack I got at the barn the last time I was there (it was actually from a boy-ish theme but the green worked perfectly for the stems). The chipboard letters are ones I picked up at Co-op for only $1.89!!! and they are Chatterbox!!! They are glittered on one side and have a different pattern on the other. Of course, the rub-on is another one from Melissa Frances. It says "Every flower that ever bloomed had t go through a whole lotta dirt to get there".

*Remember- you can click on the image to get a larger picture.

We had a sad morning here earlier. Ian's hamster Nemo died last night and we had to tell him this morning. He took it pretty hard at first but we all went out to bury Nemo in the back yard and it seemed that once he had something to do he took it much better. We made a little sign that says "Nemo" so that he can go visit her whenever he wants and tomorrow we are going after school to get a new hamster. I'm not sure he is really looking forward to the first day of school so hopefully this will be something to look forward to. I'm sure once he gets there with his friends he'll be fine but right now I think he is pretty happy staying home. (Although Mommy is looking forward to having it a little quieter here with no fights till at least 2:15. LOL)


Happy Stamper said...

Karen, Sorry to hear about is all a part of the cycle of life but not easy for parents to explain that to their children. You and Joe handled it well.
The layout is SWEET...the picture has captured one of Emma's moods and the page is awesome! Love it!

Jill said...

Hi Karen,
Make sure you clean and disinfect the cage before getting a new my humble experience, the hamsters don't last too long if you don't.

I hope Ian is OK.


StampinThursdays said...

Thank you Jill. I am cleaning the cage today and will disinfect it. I was wondering if there was anything special I should do. Ian is doing really well now....he knows he can visit Nemo when he wants.