Monday, September 15, 2008

Can you see the difference?

I probably had a little too much time on my hands last night (well I didn't really-there were lots of other things I should have been doing) when I decided to alter this picture of little Cowgirl Emma ready for an "Old MacDonald" Birthday party on Saturday(which is a funny story I'll tell later).

Anyway, last night I decided to play around with this picture because there were some things in the background that were "bugging me".

First was the pole right above her hat, the little bit of yellow sign on the left and the wood pile. To get rid of the sign I just cropped the picture a little bit then I started removing/replacing the wood pile and pole. Once I had those fixed I took out the little bit of another pole at the right of her hat (it is barely noticable but I figured I was on a role, why not?) and I decided the house at the tip of her right brim might as well go too :)

Of course, I could have just moved her in front of the big tree in front of our house but what would be the fun in that? Hehehe. Actually I just had only about 2 seconds to take the picture (this happens frequently with this 3 year old, her brother will pose just about anytime I want) so I just went with what I could get.

So what do you think? Can you see the difference?

I have another picture to show you later, I just need to edit the size and I'll try to post it either later today or tomorrow. Oh, and I have a card I need to take a picture of and a scrapbook page to try to get a better picture of. It looks like I will have lots to share this week :)


Anonymous said...

I can definately see the difference...what a cute pic! Did she end up wearing the whole outfit again for the 'real' party? lol! Have a great to you soon!

Happy Stamper said...

Oh My! I LOVE this pic of Emma and what you did to alter it is amazing! You may have 'too much time on your hands' but you spend it wisely! He! He!