Tuesday, September 02, 2008


This is the layout (LO) I was talking about the other day where I used scraps from a ScrapGala class from last year. I had pulled out the kid a few days before and it was sitting amongst the mess on my desk when I was looking at these pictures. I picked up a couple other patterned papers and then realized this one was perfect!

The scan kind of cut off the bottom of the page but you can see most of it, just the monkey's feet and the bottom of the file are missing. I stamped the animals on scraps of the pattern paper and cut them out (I think I am a sucker for punishment, I cut all of the flowers for the last LO after this one). Behind 2 of the pictures I added hidden jouralling by leaving adhesive off one side of the picture and tucking a file sticker that I adhered to a piece of white cardstock. For the other file folder I folded a piece of white cardstock in half and put the sticker on it with the bottom of the file at the fold and then cut around it. The letters are chipboard letters are more that I picked up a few months ago at Co-op.
Ian's first day of school was today and it started out rough but he came around (after a lot of crying, screaming running away from the bus and holding the front step/trying to be pryed off by Daddy. LOL!). I ended up driving him to school (I had to go over anyway to take his school supplies) and as soon as he was there he ran to the playground and never looked back (whew). I met his teacher and she is very nice and I think he is going to really like her. I'm sure tomorrow will be better.........wish me luck!

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