Friday, June 08, 2007


Keep ribbon away from cats!

I'll try not to get too graphic with this but I have to tell you about the new ribbon I got at the Bead Store a couple of weeks ago. Remember I told you about all of the ribbon "we" bought at the bead store during our trip to Paper Arts A Thon?

I hadn't unpacked my new things from there yet so I pulled it out the other night and I made a cute little key chain. After I was done (shhh...don't tell Mom) I didn't put everything away like I should have. Instead I left it on my desk to play with the next time I got a chance. I never even thought of the ribbon I left out.....

Wednesday when I got home from dropping Ian off at pre-school I went upstairs to find a big "mess" on my bedroom floor (I won't get into details but you can imagine it I'm sure). In that mess was a piece of ribbon (a small piece of the 2 yards I had bought of that ribbon). I went to my desk and found another small piece. That meant there was still a large piece missing. I called Mom and said "what do I do?". She said to wait it out. Luckily I listened to Mom because not long after there was another "mess" to clean up. I am pretty sure all of the ribbon is accounted for now.

The reasons I am telling you this? Well first it is because I haven't stamped so I have nothing to share. Second, it is a warning to pet owners to keep your ribbon in a safe place. Third, I have an excuse to go back to the bead store!

Hmmm.........Mom was there today do you think she bought me any more ribbon?


Tracy.H said...

I have been there myself...not fun pulling a metre of ribbon from your cats throat or butt!!

Happy Stamper said...

Now if you HAD listened to your MOM you wouldn't need to worry, ALL of your ribbon would have been stored neatly... okay, it's too late to lecture but maybe, just maybe you'll remember this for next time! I was to the bead store but the mystery is, did I shop for you? or for me?

Angie said...

I saw this new contraption called a ribbon iron...I wonder if they have a pet-deoderizer as well? I guess you probably arn't interested in washing the ribbon for future use....I hope not anyway!!!