Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cranky Pants & my mis-hap

I have to post one more time about Paper Arts A Thon and then I think I will be able to keep it to myself and not torture the ones that weren't there (if you didn't go you HAVE to do it next year!). Although I'm sure I could post new pictures and stories every day this week. LOL!!

I have to tell you about the Cranky Pants because I don't think there were pictures on anyone else's blog. I think the cranky pants were thought up by Amy (correct me if I am wrong Mom) after our weekend of scrapping at Mactaquac. I really thought Amy would be the first to wear them. LOL!!

The cranky pants were for anyone who was cranky during the 24 hours of stamping/scrapping. If you were cranky you had to wear them until someone ratted out (or framed) the next person. Each person had to sign their name and time they wore the cranky pants.

The first picture is of Holly modelling the cranky pants while they explained what they were for.

Next we have Amy (I knew she would wear them!) sporting the cranky pants.

Now for my mis-hap and how that ties in with the cranky pants. I brought some Bella stamps and was showing someone how to use them. I inked the stamp up and was going to stamp on my scrap paper. Somehow the block slipped out of my hand and landed in the corner of my layout.

The look on "J's" face I knew she felt sooo bad I just kept saying "it's ok, I can fix it". Angie who was behind me decided that I could not have the cranky pants after that. So Angie made me a "Get out of Cranky Pants free card" (thank you Angie).

By the way I never did have to use the card but it was pretty close when Amy "stole" my May Arts Ribbon.


Happy Stamper said...

Karen, you are right, this idea came from Amy, partly because of Mac and because at a SU party the gals were talking about some 'cranks' we have here in the Valley AND you know WHO you are!I just figured out WHY you dropped the BELLA, Karen, it was because you LAUGHED at/with certain NB stampers who fudged a card or two, remember? We were talking about it Friday night with the gals? You see, what goes 'round comes 'round! But you have a 'sweet' memento 'a get out of Cranky pants free' card. Does it have an expiry date?

linda said...

God love ya Karen, only you and your patience could not get cranky from droping that Bella on your project! I would have so been wearing those cranky pants...hehe

Sanadra said...

I don't think any NB stampers had to wear the Cranky Pants...what a GOOD bunch of gals.....guess Karen had a "calming effect" on all of us! Truely, what a great lady!

Angie said...

I loved the cranky pants idea (until it was my turn, so I threw them out the door) but it was a cute idea!!! The card does not expire...save it up!!!It's one of a kind.