Monday, May 28, 2007

Are you ready?

This is going to be a long one. LOL!!

This past weekend was AWESOME!!! I don't know how I am going to do this re-cap. I have been thinking about it all day and I still don't really know how to describe it so I am going to just start typing and showing you pictures.

I left my house at 7:30 Friday morning, picked up Joy and Roberta (I hope nobody minds me using real names but there are too many to try to make up names for everyone. LOL!!) then we went to Oromocto to Angies house and met Sandra, Nancy, Linda and Pam there. We left Oromocto at 8:30 and headed for Halifax. After a few stops and lots of food (in the other van-nachos and muffins) we made it to Halifax for shopping at Michaels, Carsand Mosher and Lee Valley. Then we were on to New Minas and Two Much Fun where we almost bought out all of their ribbon. LOL!!

The next stop was the "Bead Store" where Pam opened up especially for us and again those girls pretty much depleted her ribbon stock. I have to say I expected them to go in and just watch while I shopped but they had a great time with the ribbon and charms.

Next we headed over the mountain and we did a quick detour around by the water and the wharf. Mom had spaghetti and a raspberry desert waiting for us and Dad was ready to entertain (but I got one little dig in-right Sandra). Ok are you ready for a picture? I'll stop typing for a minute.

Here we all are after travelling 13 hours (well 12 for some). I forgot to mention that it was 8:30 when we got to my parents. I think we look pretty good after the long day we had :)

Ok, moving on to Paper Arts A Thon. We arrived at the Kingston Fire Hall at 9:30 Saturday morning. There were personalized goodie bags and tonnes of scrapping space. The welcoming announcements were made and there were lots of tears until Jackie came to the mic and made us laugh (with what I can't remember but she said she was the fun one).

There was a prize for the person who raised the most $. Sandra was that person with over $800 in pledges! She recieved a beautiful basket full of stamping and scrapping goodies. Way to go Sandra!!!!

Some silly person thought it would be a good idea to have a karaoke machine to pick us up a little. I really don't know who this was but please don't let Mom behind the mic again. I really don't care to re-live that. LOL!! It does make for a good pic though.

We had a few other Divas that at least could carry a tune and knew the words. (well kinda)

Taryn's game of Heads or Tails was a blast.

Our beautiful Belly Dancer at 2:00am. It was the best pick me up. Just what we needed.

Some of the scrappers learning to belly dance.

And the last picture is of the look on my poor sister's face at 5:30am when she found out that we decided not to go back to Mom's to sleep and therefore she did not have a ride there. She had to ask a # of times if we were "for real" and why the "F" we did not tell her before she packed up all of her stuff. I am really sorry Amy, hopefully you will be talking to me again before the next time we come home. (Just kidding she called while I was sleeping last night so I guess she isn't too mad at me).

The drive home didn't take nearly as long as on the way there and we were all home by 2:30. There was one little "situation" but other than that is was a great drive home.

Anyone who has ever complained that I don't post often enough or that I don't share enough stories can not say anything for a loooong time after this post. I am sure I will still think of more things (probably while I am trying to sleep tonight) but I think that covers most of it. I do have one picture of my little "mis-hap" that I will share next time.


Happy Stamper said...

Okay, what kind of daughter takes a picture of her Mom when she looks like this? And who would take a pic of their sister just after she got ranted out? Love ya! Karen! Thanks for ALL you did to make our 1st Paper Arts A Thon a success!

Roberta said...

I still find myself remembering some of the things that happened and start laughing! I'm sure the kids and everyone else think I am insane! This was by far the best weekend I have had in forever! Can't wait to go again next year, although I'm sure we will never top this one!

Holly said...

I love your entry, my heart is still full of tears and laughter. As with Roberta things have been coming to mind and I break out in laughter or I cry, either way it makes your patients think that I should be in the hospital bed not them...
Terry and I will never forget this, he is still talking about this he had no idea the power that we crafty ladies have when all put together!!! He really had fun too.
Coming from N.B. to do this with us was truly amazing. I am sure people are going to get tired of us talking about this but, they have no idea how much love was in that room.!!!!!

linda said...

It was a weekend I will not soon forget! Can't wait to go again next year! Thank you for the recap and laughs Karen!

CompuPro Scrapbooking said...

The pics alone put a big smile on my face and giggles! I can only imagine being there. Glad to hear you all had fun! NEXT YEAR I"M THERE!! Save room for me in a van okay!

Sandra said...

I have NEVER experienced anything like this event ever before! I had an awsome time! I travelled with the best bunch of girls, (BOTH vans), I ate until I couldn't eat anymore, I laughed until I cried, I stamped all night, I received wonderful gifts, and best of all, I met the most wonderful people. Karen's family are the salt of the earth. I can certainly see where she gets all her excellent qualities. I'm going to be the first one to put my name on the list again next year for The Second Annual Paper Arts A Thon.