Saturday, April 05, 2008

What a week

We seemed to be running all week long. I think it started Tuesday when I started a basic photography course. It is going to be a lot of fun and I am really excited about it but there was a lot to remember and take in the first week.

With Joe still away I ended up having a babysitter 3 times this week. For the photagraphy course, a dentist appt. and stamping Thursday night. We haven't had a babysitter in months so I was a little worried about how the kids would do but they were great. Both nights they were in bed by the time I got home and the sitter said they were great! That makes it so much easier on me (and them) when I have to go out.

Wednesday morning Emma went to the daycare and had a blast with the other kids. I had been thinking about sending her once a week to get her around other kids and since she had such a good time we have decided to do it. When we go to playgroup she is stuck to my side most of the morning. I am hoping this will help with a bit of that "shyness". Is that a word?

Anyway, only 2 more days till Joe comes home! I have been doing a bit of stamping but I plan on doing a lot more next week :) I broke down a few weeks ago and ordered copic markers. I colored a few images with them but I haven't made any of them into cards yet......maybe tonight.

Oh! I should say somthing about the card, shouldn't I? The layout was cased from a card I saw somewhere online that was shared at leadership. Sorry I can't remember where it was.

I don't know how well you can see it in the pic but there are 3 half circles under the bashful blue piece. I punched them out of terrifically tacky tape and then once they were on the card I pressed them into the blue micro beads. I added the micro beads on the bird with Tombo Mono Multi (my new fav glue!). The beads on the right side are on a staple. I just opened one side of the staple, slid them on, bent the side back down and then pushed it into the card.

Time to get some cleaning done......blah. It is a really damp, cloudy day here, we had a bit of snow last night. Hopefully it will clear up later so I can get my homework done for my photography class. I don't want to be doing it at the last minute Tuesday. Although, I am a procrastinator so chances are that is what will happen :)


Jill said...

Karen, The card is gorgeous...I've never thought about punching out the terrifically tacky tape - hmmm - did the adhesive do any damage to the punch?

I am sure you will LOVE the photography course! I took two of them and learned so much (I didn't like the technical stuff though). Good luck with it.

Happy Stamper said...

You??? procrastinate?? actually, you do your best work under pressure! I can't wait to see your pics after the course, they already were great!

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen I am missing my thursday night stampin fix. See you when you come down for paper arts a thon in May. Mom and I are going to stop by and say hi.


Paulette said...

Ok, what photography course are you taking? I need to fit that in our schedule have reminded me... and like everything old is new again, Ria & I have had a lot of experience with tacky tape... it's not easy on your punches so be wary. goo gone kind of works ( but don't drink it ...ok, I just realized I haven't posted THAT story...I must!).The best stuff is the undo & punsch lots of tin foil...card is sweet!