Friday, April 11, 2008

Playing with new stuff

A week or so ago I got my Copic markers (from Hanna Stamps) and new stamps from My Favorite Things. I think I mentioned before that I had colored a few images in but hadn't done anything with them yet.

Yesterday I snuck in a few minutes to make this card. I ended up not using the images I had colored because I wanted to try to make the dog a black lab and I wanted to use the Summer Picnic paper so I matched my colors to the paper.

The hat and sandals I stamped seperately, colored and cut them out. For the sandals I put them flat on the paper and the hat I popped up. (I did the sandals because I originally had them blue and didn't like it). The little "pebbles" are dew drops from Hanna (I think they were called Cowboy).

My voice is finally starting to get better.....yay! It is still a little scratchy but it is definately getting better. This afternoon I am planning on going out to do some of my photography homework. I really don't want to do what I did this week again (trying to save my pictures to disk 30 minutes before I had to leave). If I get some good pics I'll share them here :)

Oh! But maybe not until after Tuesday, I don't want the others copying off me. LOL!


Jill said...

So, are the Copics all they are cracked up to be? I have been holding off waiting to talk to a "real" person about them - lol!

What goodies did you buy at MFT?

Anonymous said...

Awesome card, I love that set

Pam D

Anonymous said...

Great Job Karen, love the stamp set and you are a queen with those copics, can't wait for mine to come...hehehe!!, again great job.. absolutely love the card...
see you on tursday...


Anonymous said...

What a great deal at Hanna Stamps on Copic Markers! I have been paying $5.95 a piece at Carousel and when I have purchased them online before they have always been about that too!

Thanks for the link!

Your work is beautiful!

Elyss Jennings