Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Love this one!

Did you see this card in the group picture? This was my favorite card from Saturday. The flower idea came from a video Kristina Werner shared on her blog HERE.

I loved the ribbon flower with all the different patterns but I didn't have enough of the same or similar buttons (shocking isn't it? LOL) for everyone in the class. My solution was to use the bottle caps that Pam gave me a couple of weeks ago. I flattened the bottle caps with my cuttlebug, this is the "recipe":

B Plate
Tan Mat
Bottle (Cap ridges up/smooth side down)
Card stock (scrap)
B Plate
A Plate

It flattens them out really nicely. It is a little tight going through the cuttlebug but I didn't break any plates :)

I punched 2 holes in the cap once I had put my pink and brown cardstock circles on it (cut with Nestabilities) with my crop-a-dile and then put the ribbon through like a button.

The bottle caps are so much fun.........think of all the possibilities!

3 more days and we are leaving for PAAT! I am sooooo not ready. I have talked to a couple of the girls who are already starting to pack. I don't even have my make-n-takes done or my cards for Thursday night class. Last night I was working on our income tax. It is almost done so this morning I am going to finish it and file and then start working on my stamping things. Wish me luck................hopefully we aren't cutting paper at Mom's Friday night. LOL!


Anonymous said...

OMG...I love that card!! Can you bring it to Moms/PAAT so I can touch it and see it up close? :o) Have a great day...

Happy Stamper said...

you are so.... not like me in this respect! I have had my Make N Takes ready for over a month...pathetic isn't it? Love the card and as Amy suggested do bring this to PAAT!

Angie said...

I was thinking the same thing as your mom!!! you are so a last minute rusher like me!!! My HST is due tomorrow and I just finished it today! (I had 3 months and yet I wait til the last minute!) I guess we work well under pressure!!

Josee said...

concentrate on getting packed. Don't worry yourself about the silent auction items, just focus on getting yourself ready.

Paulette said...

was this just aregular bottle cap or a craft bottle cap? could you use a hammer? I don't know why I didn't ask you any of this at PAAT...wasn't it just the best...I hear you might make a trek for a little "one on one" with the roadrunners?!? Exciting!!!