Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Same but different

This card is the same layout as the last one but I changed the stamp set and color combination. The inspiration for this came from a notebook Beate posted on her blog a while back. I loved the color combination (who doesn't love brownand pink? LOL) so I had to do a card with it.

I'm not sure if you can see it but I used the glitter pen to add a little sparkle to the flowers. It really makes them "pop" in real life.

We had a great weekend with Mom and Dad. Emma was attached to Dad's side from the moment they arrived and she didn't let Tommy out of her site for long. They brought Ian and Emma a Mickey and Minnie and they have been carrying them everywhere with them. I had stamp camp Saturday so they went to see Ian skate in the morning and then Mom and Emma stopped in at the end of stamp camp for a visit.

We, of course, had to make a trip up to the farm so Grammie and Grampie could see Tehwana. The only problem is that we all smelled like "poop cow" (that is what Emma calls it) when we got back.

They left yesterday morning and Emma was trying to convince us that Tommy wanted to stay here. I don't think he really wanted to make that long trip but I'm sure he was happy to have a break from Emma and her picking at him :)


Anonymous said...

Glad you guys had a good weekend...minus the sickly Mom on Sunday...but, you did get one more day with Dad, eh? LOL! I think you really do have 'powers' to make us stay longer...LOL...just kidding!
Have a good day...
Love ya!

Angie said...

I love that your daughter called it "poop cow" Those cute little sayings get me everytime!!! I remember when Brayden was little, little and I used to call him my little sugar plum...and he would say, "you my liger bum" (Everything he said that started with a "s" he would pronounce with a "l") He liked to shop at the "Luper tor" (superstore) and eat "chicken noodle loop" (soup). How funny they are, and now I get to relive the cute years again!!!

Happy Stamper said...

Hmmm, another of Emma's cute sayings is "I puked!" and yes, I THE Grammie spent her last day puking... not a good way to end the trip but as Amy pointed out Karen will do anything to keep us one day longer..He! He! He!