Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ian is in love!

Ian fell in love on the weekend. He won't stop talking about her.

He told Grammie yesterday the she is a cowgirl.

Her name is Tehwana (not sure if I spelled it right but that is close).

We went to the farm 3 times on the weekend to see her and we had to go back tonight to see her again. She is all he talks about!

Wanna see a picture?

Here she is...................

She is about a month old and seems to have taken to Ian too. She was licking his jacket while he patted the top of her head and then she started nibbling on his pant leg.

Ian came home Saturday night and asked if we could buy a farm so we could buy the calf!

This is a better picture of her. It was really hard to get a good picture because wouldn't stay still for very long :)

I was also taking some pictures of the horses because Lucas' birthday is this weekend and I thought for a present I would enlarge a picture of one of his horses.

This is Tex, he was one of last year's colts. What do you think of this picture? I may have to go back up by myself to try again. I am happy with this one but I kind of wanted one of one of the mares.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Karen...how can a story of a boy loving a cow bring tears to my eyes? But it did! Probably because I know Ian has such a big heart, especially for animals, just like both of his parents! And I love the picture of Tex...he is so beautiful...not as beautiful as Tehwana, though! Hehe!
Talk to you soon!

Tina said...

OMG, that calf is so cute, how could he not fall in Love!!! Love the pictures, so adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures karen, i think the picture of the horse is great and you should use that one as you have his whole body in there and his head is at a good angle.. oh what a photographer you are... hehehe!!!

see you thursday

Happy Stamper said...

I am so happy you posted pictures of the 'Cowgirl'. I knew she was special by the way Ian talked about her. I hope she won't be ALL grown up by the time we get to visit. It is a strange thing to be Thankful for but I am Thankful for this Blog. I love being able to drop in to visit and hope soon it will be IRL!
Love you ALL,

Angie said...

I love that calf too. Baby animals are the sweetest aren't they? Brayden was in clover buds last year and he went to visit a farm which had baby oxen! I had never ever seen baby oxen and they were so cute!!! Brayden however feel in love with the great big ox which he kept calling a Yak. They are too cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh young love ... even if it is a calf! Arn't they just so cute!
Speedy B