Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am actually writing this Wednesday night (are you shocked I am so organized? LOL!) while listening to the water dripping from the light fixture in the sun porch. I was a little freaked out but Joe has been on the roof numerous times (which was also freaking me out because of the ice up there) and he cleared off the roof. It seems to be slowing down and Dad assures me the water in the light isn't a fire hazard.

Anyway, I am crossing my fingers that by Valentine's Day this will be all over :)

This is the card I made this evening for Ian's teacher. He picked out the paper (with just a little help) and I pretty much did the rest. He did write in it an it was so cute but I forgot to take a picture before I sealed the envelope.

I am loving the new rub-ons! I used them a while ago on a scrapbook layout I did and on something I can't share for stamp camp (sorry). On this card I wanted a heart but I didn't really order any Valentine's sets this year and I couldn't find a heart I liked with the paper so I went into my rub-ons and found this in the Sale-a-bration pack. It fit perfectly in the scalloped punch and was a quick and easy way to put a heart on the card.

Today is also Mom and Dad's anniversary so I want to shout out to them "Happy Anniversary" since I didn't get a card in the mail (big shocker there.........hehehe). They are supposed to be coming next week for a few days so we'll celebrate then :)

Update on the water: It has stopped dripping. Yay!!! We have been here almost 4 years and we have never had a problem like this so I was a little (maybe an understatement. lol) worried for a while but it is looking better now.

School was cancelled again today because of the roads. Aparently there was a lot of water on the road last night and some flooding in the area so it is quite a mess out there. I want to go later this morning to see what the river looks like (and of course take some pictures).


Angie said...

We had that happen once in our old house. The ice builds up in your eaves and then the water has no where to go so it comes in through the window frames. It was temporary and once we beat all the ice out of the eaves it never happened again. It is just one of those things as a house owner, you have to deal with yourself.

Happy Stamper said...

Counting the sleeps Karen...we will soon be there!