Friday, March 14, 2008

A very long/hard week

As you may already know if you read Mom's blog the last week has been a very long and hard one. Last Thursday morning I got a call that my grandmother had had a fatal heart attack.The rest of the day was spent on the phone trying to contact Mom and Dad in Quebec. They had called the night before saying that they were in Point a la Croix so that was one of our starting points. Amy, Marty, Amanda, Joe and I used every resource we could think of to contact them and finally it payed off and they called Amy back. As hard as it was knowing that they had heard over the phone it was a relief to know that they knew and were on their way home.

Sunday morning Emma and I took the ferry (a very rough trip) home while Ian and Joe stayed here. I didn't want to take Ian out of school and I think he would have had a hard time trying to understand everything that was going on around him.

Like Mom said Dad was so supportive of all of us and it was such a comfort having him and all of our family close. We are so lucky to have such a close family and I think in a way this has brought us a little closer together.

We were so touched by the food, cards (and e-mails) that were delivered to Mom's house (and here when I got home). It is comforting to know that so many people were thinking of us.

This is still hard to write about and I'm not really sure what else to say except thank you to everyone who has been there for us and thinking of us.


Angie said...

I am so sorry for your loss Karen!! It must have been very difficult to have to contact your parents that way, but great that you and Emma were there for them.
Take care and know that I am thinking about you all!

Jill said...

I was so sad to hear about your Grandmother. I am so glad that you and Emma were able to come home to be with your family. I am sure it meant the world to your Mom.

Paulette said...

karen I was so glad to see you had made it home. These times are always so hard but there is such comfort having friends & family around for support. You are right, Ian is probably a little young to take it all in... Just remind him of the things & times you loved with your grandmother( his great grandmother) & that will be what he remembers. I am thinking about you a lot...