Friday, February 01, 2008

What a week......

Last Friday Emma came down with the flu and had it through till Monday or Tuesday (I can't remember now-the days kind of blend together when you are up all night. LOL). Then I got it Tuesday night and was fine by Thursday morning except for being sore and this headache I can't seem to get rid of. This morning Ian woke up saying that he wasn't feeling well and within half an hour he was sick. I can't wait till this is all done and we can get on with things (like stamping...hehehe).

On the upside we had stamp camp last weekend and had a really good time. I think I took pictures of some of the projects. I will try to download them off my camera sometime today and will post something later.

I just wanted to update some of you that have been asking what is going on. I even got an e-mail saying that Angie commented on Mom's blog wondering where I was. Too funny. Sorry for leaving you all hanging :)

Oh! Did you all know that Sale-a-bration starts today! Whoo hooo! That is the other thing I am working on (in between cleaning up puke-sorry I couldn't resist. LOL!), I am trying to figure out what to order for my pre-order from the new mini (starting March 1st) and of course what SAB sets I "need".

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Happy Stamper said...

ohh...don't think about what to order...just order EVERYTHING like I did! He! He!

So sorry to hear you all have been sick..remember those days ALL to well!