Saturday, February 09, 2008

What we've been up to

I don't really know where the time goes. I always have good intentions to post more often but I guess life gets in the way. LOL!

The last few days I have been researching/looking for a new camera and bugging everyone around me. I'm sure Joe is tired of me talking
about cameras but he's going to have to listen for a little longer until I get one. Hehehe.

This is a hostess gift I did for the last stamper's group party. I don't know how well you can see it but the center of the flower is covered with the new chunky glitter. It is so sparkly in real life!

I don't think I mentioned it before but Ian started taking skating lessons a few weeks ago. Well sort of. He went the first week, then Emma was sick and I had stamp camp so Joe couldn't take him the second week and then last week we were all sick. Tomorrow is the next class and there is supposed to be a big storm so it will probably be cancelled. Anyway, we have been taking him at least once a week so he can get on the ice and what a difference! He went from hardly being able to stand up on his own to moving all around the ice. I put skates on a couple of weeks ago and he is doing better than me. LOL!

And this is what Emma has been up to :)

A few nights ago we were getting ready for bed time. Joe and I were getting their snacks ready and we went into the living room to find her like this. The orange on her nose stained a little but the rest came off.

Thursday morning I came in from taking Ian to the bus stop (the end of the driveway) and she had colored all over her hands in black and purple. I guess at least it isn't the walls ;-)


Jill said...

You seriously need to get her the book by Robert Munsch, "Purple, Green and Yellow". It is too cute!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, Karen! I love the pics!! Talk to you soon!!

Happy Stamper said...

Love it! Truly following in her Mom's and Grammie's footsteps! Now we just have to get Emma some stamps and some paper....or maybe she will pursue her own career in Body Art! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What a beauty!


Angie said...

I was reading away on your blog and had to go back over it because I read that you wrote, "Iam taking skating lessons..." I was thinking thats so cool. Then when I kept reading about Joe not being able to take him, I read it again and saw that you were not taking skating lessons, Ian was. How funny!!! Olivia is too...and it will probably be cancelled here as well!!!

Erica said...

These cards are adorable. Great job!