Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Something I forgot to tell you

I am waiting for Ian to fall asleep before I go up to stamp (my stamping area is right outside his room) so I thought I would share a quick story from a while back.

Before I do that I will mention the card. It is one we did in class from a while ago. I can't remember when but I'm pretty sure I haven't shared it here.

The flowers on the top are stamped in Ruby Red ink on Ruby Red cardstock and then I took a glitter pen and added glitter to the dots. The second picture shows the sparkle a little better.

Now for the story. Before Christmas Joe was doing some body work on the neighbor's car and he had painted it. He had taped off the area he didn't want to paint and when he went back to remove it the there was some adhesive that wouldn't come off. He asked if I had anything to take it off and we talked about Goo Gone but we were afraid it might take off the paint. Then I said what about my adhesive remover (from Stampin' Up!)? He took it out and he said it came off perfectly! I luckily had a couple for classes anyway so he can keep that one in the garage. I guess my stamping stuff isn't just for crafts is it? Hehehe.

Mom and Dad are coming for a few days tomorrow and I have stamp camp on Saturday so you probably won't see any posts from me until after that because I am still not ready for stamp camp :)

I think I have 2 more projects to figure out then I will be cutting everything out. Some day I will be able to have them done far in advance........


Anonymous said...

Cute Story, Karen...Thanks for sharing! Hope you guys have a great weekend with Mom & Dad! I wish I could go, too...:o(
Talk to you soon!

Angie said...

It is funny how you and your mom are so creatively matched and yet she would have a break down if she was this close to stamp camp and not sure what to do...
I am more like you, I wait til I have no choice but to be creative...panic a bit...then create! It seems to work.