Monday, March 19, 2007


I don't have anything to share yet. I was on a roll last week and the creativity was really flowing but then I think I hit a brick wall on Saturday with a headache that lasted 2 days. Of course I am not ready for Stamp camp on Saturday and I just started yesterday.

I kind of took it easy in the morning and then was going to start when I put Emma down for a nap. Do you think she would go to sleep? NO. I waited for an hour and she wouldn't go to sleep. Joe came in with Ian so he could watch them but as they were coming in Ian let Sasha (the dog) out and she took off and wouldn't come back so Joe had to go looking for her.

While he was outside I had the kids upstairs and Emma locked herself in the bathroom (I was right outside the door when she did it by the way). She kept hollering "brush". She wanted to brush her teeth. So I had to run around the house trying to find the screw driver to pick the lock (luckily Dad showed me how to do it the last time he was here), of course it wasn't where it was supposed to be. I really only took a couple of minutes but it seemed like a long time.

Anyway, finally I got the door unlocked and Joe came in and I got to stamping. I have 3 cards done and 1 almost done. I am so excited! We are using Bundle of Joy and Bunny Hugs and a couple of my older "neglected" sets. Hopefully later today or tomorrow I will have something to share.

I know that was a lot of non stamping related stuff but I wanted to update you all on what is going on for Saturday and to let you know that I am still around:) Also, maybe give you a little chuckle this Monday morning.

P.S. Maybe Mom will share her story about the lock on my bathroom door:)


Just Angie said...

Doesn't it all seem to happen at once? I mean around here it goes from ghost town silent to a major chaos center on about .4 seconds. But that chaos is what we will miss when they are gone from home and havn't yet given us grand-babies!!! (Thats what a wise woman once told me...aka...your mother!!!)

Happy Stamper said...

Love to hear the stories Karen, cause it reinforces my FIRM belief! WHAT GOES 'ROUND COMES 'ROUND!! HE!HE! LOvin' every minute of it!!!