Thursday, March 08, 2007

Have I told you..

how much I love Page Maps? Well I do!

I have been trying to get some scrapping time in lately (I have done 4 pages in 2007! LOL!!) so I have been printing the monthly page maps to help speed the process along a little. I still have lots of pictures to scrapbook from last year and probably the year before but I am going to work on this year for now and then work back as I have time. I really am having fun doing the current pics because the memories are still fresh in my head.

When I sat down with these pictures the other night I instantly thought of the new Petals and Paisley paper. The colors were perfect with these pics. I also used Doodle this and Doodle that and the Flirty ribbon from the Winter mini (I really hope this comes into the big catty in July).

Now I just have to order the Doodle

Alphabet so I can put a title on the bottom one. Any ideas for a title? I think it will go under the photo on the right.

Note: When stamping the doodles that go over both the background and the picture you need to stamp them seperately and then match them up. Does that make sense? For all of the patterned paper squares I stamped the doodle on easc piece and then lined them up. It was more work but when you try to stamp it all at once there are areas that are missed.

Yesterday I added links to both Page Maps and Scrap Maps so if you are looking for some inspiration go check them out.


Happy Stamper said...

Love the pages, Karen! You do have the patience to take the time to ensure it lines up and is perfect- you SURE didn't get THAT from me!

CompuPro Scrapbooking said...

Those pages are beautiful! I *love* them. Hmmmm, thinking on a page title for ya!

Just Angie said...

I think you should title it "The Big Comfy Couch".Isn't that show about a girl and her dolly. I hate that show with a passion, but your daughter probally enjoys it, mine did.I like the doodle stamps.

codmaker said...

I LOVE the layout too, and might just 'borrow it'. p.s. Hi Speedy B.

creative-racer said...

I understand completely why you had to stamp each separately and mach up becuase of all the layers the stamp would miss parts (now does that make sense?)

Title: Emma's Dilemma....looks like she was pondering over something with her finger in her mouth.