Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Warning: lots of pictures :)

This is going to be a quick post with some pictures of our Easter Weekend in NS. I finally got Emma to sleep after over an hour because she fell asleep on the way home from dropping Joe off at the airport. He is probably gone (in Edmonton) for about 2 weeks so the good news is he will be back in lots of time for me to go to Paper Arts A Thon without worrying about who will watch the kids. Yay!!!

I won't get into much detail about the pictures because my little monkey is up again. Agh!

The first ones are of Ian and Kaylee hunting for Easter eggs.

Emma got her pink cowboy hat!

This is Sierra wearing Emma's new Tinkerbell sunglasses.

The kids (big and small) painted eggs.

This one is Marty's :)

Millie after Emma dressed her up in jewels.

The outdoor Easter Egg hunt at Marty's house.

Time to get my night hawk to bed. Wish me luck........


Anonymous said...

Where is all the snow at Marty's house?? If I had known he didn't have any, I would have sent some of mine to him!

Looks like everyone had fun. Love the cowboy hat!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the pictures, Karen...thanks for sharing! Hope Joe got to Edmonton safe & sound...talk to you soon!

Happy Stamper said...

Love the pics Karen! You really captured the 'essence' of Easter in NS! Lots of fun!

Angie said...

Is Emma usually a nighthawk? Livia is more so then Brayden too. B hits the pillow and most times it's lights out for him! Olivia likes to stretch it out sometimes!
Love the pics of easter!!! Where did she find the pink hat? How sweet!