Monday, March 17, 2008

Look at who was visiting this morning

Sasha was barking this morning in the sun porch (aka playroom) and I thought she was barking at the neighbor who always walks by around that time. Finally when she wouldn't stop I went to look and all of these deer were crossing the road in front of our house.

I think there was about 12 deer! If you click on the picture it should open in a new window so you can see them better :)

The neighbor was also going by almost right behind them and they just stopped and watched her and her dog go by. They are quite tame because we have a neighbor that feeds them. When I went to the end of my driveway they were watching me pretty close but I think they were waiting to see if I had any apples :)

I am loving my new camera (I got a Canon Digital Rebel XTi) but I really "need" a zoom lense. I take quite a few pictures of the wildlife around here and I think it would be better for taking those pictures.

This is one I took last night on the way to the farm (to see the new calf). We were just about to turn into the driveway when we spotted 2 fox in the field below the farm. We watched them for quite a while. They were chasing each other and playing. It was really cute.

The first one is the "un-cropped" version and the second is after I cropped it to see them better.

The fox on the right is laying down, I think it is on the ice because it looks like that is where the river is.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'll have your new lens you "need" by the time Joe gets back from wherever it is he is going. Between your being "nice" and his guilt for leaving you with the kids it wont be long before you have your new toy! You are definitely spoiled! Are you sure Joe doesn't have a brother.....


Tina said...

What an amazing picture of the deer!!! They are so beautiful!

Happy Stamper said...

You do live in a unique area... so lucky to have wildlife all around you. Grampie thought Emma was too funny when he took her for a walk here and every few feet she would stop and tell him she was looking for deer! Don't forget to bring that new camera with you so I can take a peak!

Angie said...

Isn't it funny that as soon as we get a new toy we are already planning on our next "needed toy". Us gals are all the same eh? But like Kent always says to the kids..."When momma's happy, we are all happy!!!"