Thursday, August 09, 2007

Lots of excitement

Last night, just as I was going up stairs to finish getting ready for tonight's class and finish the ATC swaps to take to Mom's tomorrow, a friend stopped in to say that the light pole in front of our house was on fire. Joe went out to check it and called the power company then the fire dept.

You can kind of see the smoke at the top of the pole. Joe is saying "Karen please". He wasn't too impressed I was taking pictures. LOL!

The kids were all excited that the fire trucks were coming to our house. Ian was listening for the siren and was wondering if they were going to park in our driveway.

Here they are watching out the window. Emma kept hollaring out the window to "Daddy!" and Ian was trying to cover her mouth.

Ian thought it was pretty cool that Daddy was the one spraying the hose.

We had no power from about 7 till 10pm. I tried to take a couple of candles up to use for light but they just didn't put out enough light. I ended up mounting 4 new stamp sets I got
yesterday in the sun porch before the last of the daylight was gone.
Then I attempted to read a Creating Keepsakes magazine but I still didn't have enough candles going and I could only picture read. LOL!

You don't realize how much you depend on the power until you don't have it (well it is that way with anything, isn't is?). Emma had gotten marker all over her legs and I couldn't bath her because we had no water. I couldn't do the supper dishes. One good thing is the dog got a walk because Joe couldn't work in the garage anyways.

Time to go get my last ATC swap done and finish cutting cardstock for class tonight. I may be finishing the swaps at Mom's if things don't go as planned today ;)

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Happy Stamper said...

I love this bloggin'! It puts us right there in the moment. And thank goodness for digital cameras too! I will show Dad the pics, he'll get a kick out of this. Thanks for sharing! I hope we get a little stamping time while you are here.