Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm home

We came home on Wednesday and I have barely stopped since then. We had an awesome trip home and jam-packed as much as we could into the time we were there. We went to the beach and BBQ at the park on Saturday, Ian's Birthday party was on Sunday and then we had family over for supper after that. Monday Mom, Amy and I went to Dartmouth/Halifax for some shopping (and lots of laughs, of course). Tuesday we went to Upper Clements Park and then were back in time to have supper and go to bead class. The kids had a blast at the park and even Emma and Kaylee were able to do most of the kids rides. And the bead class was fun! We did an awesome bracelet.

Of course I wasn't ready for class on Thursday night so I had to get ready for that a good part of the day on Thursday. Friday we spent most of the day in town doing errands. We live about 30 minutes from town so we usually try to get as much done in 1 trip as we can :) Today I helped out at Compu Pro Scrapbooking's yard sale. I was demoing (sp?) the cuttlebug and a new product called snow writer. It was fun to show how to use the cuttlebug to those that had never seen the cuttlebug before (gasp! hehe).

The kids are both asleep now so I am going to head up and start working on projects for the next week. Oh yea, I did spend a little money at the yard sale today but not too much because I probably spent a little too much on our shopping trip on Monday ;)


Happy Stamper said...

You are getting ready for classes this week, I'm getting ready for classes and Book Club in September! You are definitely your father's daughter in that respect- you both work well under pressure. We had a blast last week, didn't we? It was way too short though. I think I may have to come visit soon. I have a new incentive too-that GC at Nicole's.

Angie said...

Glad to hear you had a great va-k.
Your mom got the ATC cards to me and they are great!!! I love the mouse one! I didn't know that we were suppose to put our names on the back...oppps!!! Mine was the peachy colored one with a flower stamp and a little jewel in the middle!!! Next time I will make labels like Paulette!!!

Sandra said...

What is "snow writer?" Sounds interesting. Your summary of the trip...makes me wish I went on that "road trip" too.