Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Random Pictures

I have been working on a few cards but I can't share any of them just yet (sorry). Hopefully tonight I will sneak in a couple of "for fun" cards to share. In the mean time I have a few pictures I wanted to post.

The first is from the closing ceremony at the Tattoo. I found it hard to get good pictures because of the lighting but there are a few that turned out ok. I took 3 pictures from the closing that I have been tring to stitch together to make a panoramic photo but so far I can't quite get it to work :(
The next ones are from yesterday. Ian has his favorite outdoor toy!
Miss Diva Emma in her shades and check out the bathing suit she got for her Birthday.

Ian loves to get "Surprise Packs" from the store here or the gas station. The usually have a sucker or 2 and some little junky toys. Yesterday Joe picked one up for him and these teeth were in it. He had a blast with these!


Anonymous said...

Since we're friends I have to warn you...the diva thing is only going to get worse. You have a cute little diva who will soon turn out like my bigger diva. Soon she'll want to wear bathing suits and skimpy clothes in the winter too. Soon you'll be going thru Diva Drama, like I have to. Sorry but it's all downhill from here! Good thing they're so darn cute! And thank God they didn't grow teeth like Ian - I still think he's cute, too, though.

Happy Stamper said...

Thanks for posting pics of the kids. I love to know what they are doing. I'll start tucking $$$'s away for Ian's dental bill, he'll need some help with those teeth, he! he!
Emma truly is a STAR in those glasses.