Thursday, July 19, 2007

I am so lucky!

Yesterday when I went to get the mail I found a brown package in my mailbox. I wasn't expecting anything so of course I went right in the house to open it. I was so surprised to find a photo album from Sandra.

This is the inside cover:

Inside the album are pictures from Paper Arts A Thon and from the last stamping party. I had tears in my eyes when I was looking through this.
I am so lucky to have this group of stampers that have become my friends over the last few months and years.

Every once in a while they say how good I am to them but really, they are soooo good to me! They laugh at my forgetfulness (with me, of course) and always love the projects I come up with. I love how easy going they are, I can do whatever type of card or project I feel like and they are happy with it. It is such a great group of women that come together to stamp every week and I am so thankful to have them in my life!

Thank you so much Sandra for this little album. I love it! You know, this could be the beginning of scrapbooking for you though ;-)

Ok, I think it is time for another card. This is the 3rd card I made for the door prize for Sunday night.

The cardstock colors are Blue Bayou, Soft Sky and Shimmery White. Inks are the same with Purely Pomegranite ink for the flowers.

I don't know how well it shows up in the scan but I stamped the flourish in Soft Sky first and then used the Stamp-a-ma-jig to stamp it again in Blue Bayou. I did the same with "Kind".

Someone asked me on Sunday night what you would use the word Kind for. I thought it would be good for a "Thank You" card, or for a friend "just because" or you could use it in scrapbooking. Do you have any other ideas?


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen: i think the album was a great idea, sandra is always thinking of others..., you are right, we are very lucky to have such a wonderful group of ladies, i feel they are instrumental in my life as well, they are the reason i am bursting at the seems to go out on thursday nights, my husband wonders what the heck is wrong with me, there is more to the weekly stamping, than just stamping, a great group of people and the instructor of course, what more could we ask for, i feel the same as you, we are truly blessed by the quality of people we have around us...


Sandra said...

I'm glad you liked the "surprise mail" I love the Thursday group, and really miss you guys in the summer, but I just can't get my
_ _ _ _ together to get everything done before we head to the cottage. See you all soon!

linda said...

How nice of Sandra to send you that surprise! You deserve every bit of it! I consider myself very lucky to be part of such a wonderful group of women!

Happy Stamper said...

Oh My! The keyboard is blurry, I have tears in my eyes. If a MOM could wish for anything for her daughter (other than the daughter lives next door) it would be for her to have such wonderful friends like you Sandra and ALL the other women who are in the Stamper's group. I really couldn't think of a nicer, friendlier place for Karen and her family to be than where she is!
Karen's Mom

Angie said...

"Kind" can be for one of those cards you send to someone for no other reason then to thank them for being your friend,it just seems like you would get way more cards then fair!!!! lol