Thursday, July 12, 2007

Another Zebra

This is very close to the last zebra card I posted I just changed the colors and colored the zebra in traditional colors. The patterned paper is the same just flipped.

This is a really quick post because I am still not ready for class tonight!

Tomorrow is Emma's 2nd Birthday! Do you think I have a card ready for her? Nope. Joe's Birthday is Saturday and I don't have his done either. I am sooo bad at that. I love making cards but when it comes to sending them or having them ready for a particular occasion I am always last minute..........oh well, I work well under pressure. We have a wedding to go to the 21st, maybe I should start thinking about a card now. LOL! Nah, I have other things I need to do first.


Happy Stamper said...

I JUST mailed my cards yesterday. Ever the optimist, that they WILL arrive. Happy Birthday, Emma and Joe! We'll call a little later.

Happy Stamper 17 said...

We should get together sometime you're down and procrastinate together, i'm famous for that, if you've read my blog lately it's very similar to yours =-) happy birthday to Emma!