Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday already

The last few days just flew by. Friday around supper time Joe's parents and neice (Mackenzie) arrived and the kids played non-stop until 10pm. Then they were back up at 7:15 Saturday morning. We went fishing, took the dog for a swim in the river and then played outside until supper time. Right after supper we went up to the farm to see the horses and cows and Emma was asleep before we left the farm driveway.

Sunday morning we got up and I said to Joe that Emma was getting sick. I could smell it on her breath (I know Mom knows what I mean.....anyone else?). Sure enough she had the flu and was sick until she slept it off the rest of the morning. Our company left around 10am and then I got to work prepping for the party last night.

We had a great time last night and I have to take a picture of the party favors Donna did! When I got home Joe said Emma had just been up (around 11:00) and then she was back up 3 more times in the night! Anyone know of any sleeping pills for kids? It wasn't because she was sick because she was fine by mid-afternoon. I sure wish I could figure out the trick to getting her to sleep. Oh well, someday she will be sleeping through the night and then I probably won't be able to sleep. LOL!

Anyway, how about some pictures?

The first is one of the cards I did for the door prize last night ( have 2 more but I am going to space them out just in case I don't get to stamp much this week ;-) )

The colors are Elegant Eggplant, Almost Amethyst, Black and White. I still don't have my first SU order yet so I don't have my Paper Pretties kit to use for the flower so I used a white Prima and colored it with Aqua Painters and ink from the lids of the Elegant Eggplant and Almost Amethyst. The brad in the center of the flower is an Ice Rhinestone brad.

I have to show a few pictures from the weekend too.

This is Ian and Mackenzie watching "Nanny" fishing.

Ian and Mac-the human seat belts because Emma wouldn't hold on to the swing. I don't know if you can see them holding hands?

Emma and Mac on Max. They both loved it up there and were pretty comfortable. Oh, I wanted to cry when Emma said she wanted to get on the girl likes horses. YAY!

The last one is for Dad. Joe had to drive his tractor up the farm because it was his birthday and he loves driving his tractor. The only problem is he left the battery on and needed a push start. Luckily the farm is on a hill!


Corie said...

Love the card -- nice soft colors.

The kiddies are too cute

Happy Stamper said...

It's posts like these that bring tears to my eyes. No your card wasn't crap, Karen. It is seeing pics of the Munchkins and knowing they are growing up! I loved the one of Mac And Ian on the river bank. I'll show Dad the tractor pushing pic, he will be sad he missed being behind that tractor.