Friday, January 30, 2009

He comes by it honestly

First, this is my second post today!!! Shocking isn't it!?! So scroll down to see my first post and get the rest of the story :)

I was talking to Mom earlier and was telling her about Ian's camera addiction and she said well he does come by it honestly. Hehehe!

I also told her that the other night I made weiner roll-ups for supper and they were on top of the stove while I was getting everything else together. Ian said to me "Mommy go stand beside the hot dogs so I can take your picture". That is when he had the bug bad!

Anyway, these are some pictures I took this morning. I couldn't help but post them as kind of a follow up to the last post :)


Amy said...

Too, why didn't you post the hotdog pictures!?! LOL! Lovin' the pics of Sasha with the sunglasses on...she is such a good wonder Emma loves her so much! TFS...2 posts in one day!! Yahoo!!

Just Plain Happy said...

Hi Karen,
Didn't get to check your posts the other day as we were on the way to the cabin. I love the pics and miss you guys SO.... much! I can see Ian has talent and he is learning from the best. Hmmm! two cameras at age six...I wonder how many he will have by your age!
Love You,