Saturday, August 23, 2008

Great day for a party!

I am so happy! It is a beautiful day here and that means that I can have Ian's birthday party outside :)

We are doing a barnyard/farm theme so yesterday I went to town and picked up everything farm animal related I could find. AND I had the best find ever! I found cowboy hats at the $ store!!! I was really hoping to have cowboy hats for the kids but didn't want to spend a fortune on them................I love the $ store ;-)

Last night I painted a cardboard barn red and right now I should be baking cakes (btw-the amount I end up spending on supplies to make the b'day cakes I could probably buy 2!). I am making "wanted" posters for the kids and we are having a scavenger hunt in the hay. It should be fun.............did I tell you how happy I am that it is nice outside today?

A few days ago Ian and Emma were playing dress-up and put on some old Halloween costumes. I had them lay on the floor so I could get some pics without all the playroom toys (and mess) behind them. They were laughing so hard, I love it when they play together and get along like this......................

Have a great weekend! Hopefully you get to enjoy some of this sunshine too!


Anonymous said...

Sorry we missed the party - sounds like it would have been fun. We ended up going away to Shediac for the weekend - last minute idea! Can't wait to see the bday pictures


Anonymous said...

I love the pic of the kids...Too Cute! The party sounds like so much are such a great Mom to plan such an awesome party! Can't wait to see some pics!

Happy Stamper said...

Ahhh, sweet pics of Ian and Emma...can't wait to see the Birthday pics.
Get on that ASAP! will ya!
Oh yes, I just remembered I'm not the Boss of you I guess the 'order' above won't work.
He! He!