Monday, December 03, 2007

Sorry, I couldn't help it

Notice my Avatar on the right? That is what it is starting to look like here. The snow has just started coming down about an hour ago and we are supposed to be getting up to 30cm of snow over the next 24 hours! At least that is what the weather channel said earlier this morning but that could have changed by now :)

I am finally starting to feel better. My cough is almost all gone and I think I would have slept through the night if Emma hadn't gotten up. It figures, the whole time we were sick she pretty much slept through the night and now that we aren't up all night coughing she gets up. LOL! You never know with kids. Actually, I am glad that she was sleeping though the night so that any time we did get a break from coughing we could sleep.

Tonight I am supposed to be going to a pot luck/ Yankee swap with the craft guild so last night I did a really quick bracelet/earring set up. It is red and clear crystals (not real ones though). I thought it would be nice for Christmas and even if the person that gets it doesn't wear jewelry they can give it to someone else. I haven't done any beading so it was nice to sit down and make something last night. I still have to cover an altoid tin and make a salad. I have been kind of stalling thinking they may canel but I haven't gotten a call yet.

Yesterday we went to the kids party at Joe's work and they had a blast. They had 2 bouncy houses set up, a basket ball net (it is so cute watching Ian try to get the ball in the net) and some other ball games and things. Santa was there and had presents for the kids and they could have their picture taken with him. Ian hid behind Joe and carefully reached around Joe to get his present and Emma locked right onto Joe and he had to take her present for her. It doesn't look like I will be getting any pictures with Santa this year.

Ian just got home from school so it is snack time then I am going to go up and get the things finished up for tonight. I'll be back soon with some pictures for you.

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Angie said...

Thats funny about your daughter sleeping while you are sick, and then waking up when you finally are sleeping...sometimes I swear they know when you are sleeping and thats when they need you!!! It's like here and the phone, If I lay down, the phone will ring!! Thats just how it works. lol