Friday, December 21, 2007

'tis the season....

to be busy :)

The last week has been so busy and sooooo much fun. Saturday was Stamp camp day and then Sunday afternoon Mom came (it was a little touch and go right up until she got on the ferry because of the storm). Monday school was cancelled so we hung out with the kids in the morning and then Mom and I made a quick trip into town (mainly to go to Nicole's) and then Monday night we worked on a book Mom had gotten the kit for in Moncton.

Tuesday morning was Ian's Christmas concert (I was going to post a pic but Joe seems to have moved the cord to my camera-I'll share later). He did great! He sang the songs and did the actions. Joe video taped but it looks like next time I will be on video duty. LOL! At least we do have it :)

After lunch Joe and I went to town to try to finish up our Christmas shopping. It was such a change going to town without the kids- so quiet ;)

Wednesday morning I took Mom to the ferry and then did "a little" shopping in Saint John (mostly at Michael's). I got home in time to do a quick tidy of the house (Joe had actually done most of it-hehehe) and then we had friends arrive at supper time. They are on their way to NS from Ontario and stopped here for 2 nights. Their daughter is a year older than Ian and it was so nice to see how great they got along.

Yesterday we went to Kingswood and they played in the play climber for probably an hour. Poor Ian, he had a blast but took quite a beating. First he came off a slide and twisted his ankle. Then he came off the same slide and twisted his pinkie finger. A little while later he came over to us to get a drink and he had a bit of a bloody nose! Our friends daughter had kicked him by accident when they were climbing. Anyway, our friends left this morning and we are getting ready to take Ian to the hospital. The swelling still hasn't gone down in his finger and it is still bothering him so we are going to get it checked out.

Ok, it is now Saturday morning............I had to leave before I could finish posting. We were at the hospital from about 3:00 till just after 7 last night and he does have a small crack in the bone. He did not want to go into the hospital but once we were in there he was great. He sat perfectly still for the x-ray and he has a little splint on it. I took some pictures last night but I still can't find my cord (gotta ask Joe about that).

Sorry for the long post but I guess when I am only posting once a week I have to make up for it, don't I? LOL! Hopefully later I can get some more pics uploaded and I am planning on playing with some of my new stamps and rub-ons later so I will have something new to share :)

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Happy Stamper said...

Hey Karen, you need to put the video of Ian's concert on U-tube, you know the video Joe taped and then snapped the lense cover in place but doesn't shut the camera off. All you can see is black but you can hear Joe talking and then passing the viseo camera back to you. He! He! Don't forget to bring it to show Dad. Three more sleeps and then you ALL will be here! Yeah!!