Thursday, December 06, 2007

Look at the snow!

This is what it looked like here Tuesday morning (and still does). The kids had so much fun playing in the snow and Ian was back out yesterday digging paths to the swing set.

Poor Joe has been driving his tractor for months (just for fun) and now that there is snow to play, I mean plow the tractor isn't working. He fiddled with it for hours Tuesday morning and then finally broke down and called the neighbor to plow. The reason I am telling this is because it worked out better for the kids because the neighbor can make bigger hills because of the bucket :)

As soon as Ian heard Joe saying he was calling Luc he was saying "Daddy, tell him to make a big hill!"

This is kind of a fuzzy picture of Sasha but I think it shows how much fun she had too :)

And last but not least I finally took pictures of some cards yesterday. This is one we did at the last stamp camp. I don't know how well you can tell by the picture but it is a shaker card. I hadn't done one in a long time and they are so fun to make.


Happy Stamper said...

Love the pictures of the kids and snow!! Reminds me of the photos we have of you kids playing outside AND how much snow we used to get. Poor Joe! I feel for him, now that he has something useful to do with his tractor (rather than take it to the store to get milk) it won't work! Counting the days 'til I see you all!

Angie said...

I love Emma's hat!!! Where did you get it? she looks like a court Sorry about the tractor, to put it in terms that we'd understand it is like pulling out our crop=o-dile for a crop and finding out that it don't work, or going to sit down and stamp and all your stamp pads are dried up...gasp!!! can you freakin imagine?