Thursday, September 20, 2007


My house is covered in a thick layer of dust. Well it is mainly in the main floor and most of it is in the kitchen and dining room. Luckily all of my stamping/scrapbooking stuff is upstairs so it is fine :)

This is why:

We are opening the archway between the kitchen and dining room up a little more (because of the wood stove and the insurance company). I am happy though because it will give more room for the kids to walk in front of the stove.

We put new ceramic tile under the wood stove (which is still moved over in the middle of my dining room). We are going to take the tiles off the ceiling and gyproc it so there will be lots more dust the next few days!

Once this is done we get to paint and then I think the renovations will be done for a bit.

You can kind of see the new tiles where Ian is standing in this picture. The old ones were a dark brown so this should lighten it up a bit :)

And this is Emma during the cutting.....

Time to do a little cleaning to get me through the day without going nuts from the dust but I know there will be more when Joe gets home so there isn't much point in doing too much. I guess I'll just have to hide upstairs in my stamp room today!


Anonymous said...

I do not envy you at all!!


Happy Stamper said...

Thanks Karen! I have been trying to picture it, not the dust and all but what it will look like opened up. Ian is such a great helper too! I love the picture of Emma with her hands over her ears. I'll show Dad this pics tonight.