Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pink bear

We have had a busy weekend. Ian was sick the end of last week with a cold and then Emma came down with it Friday night. Friday night was crazy with us up all night because she couldn't breathe through her nose.

Saturday was Family Day at Joe's work so we popped over there for a bit then went for groceries and some things to do some small renovations to our kitchen.

I haven't had any time to stamp the last few days but I will be doing some tonight to get ready for next week so hopefully I will have something new (this was from a party about a month ago) to share soon.


Happy Stamper said...

So sorry to hear about Ian and Emma being sick, there really is nothing worse than sick children. They just do not understand and it isn't great for the parents either missing all that sleep. Hope they 'Get Well Soon'.

Corie said...

This is adorable -- Hope everyone is feeling better.

Sandra said...

Sorry to hear Ian and Emma were sick. One of the girls from my work that lives out your way...her children are sick and so is she. School is in!! Hope everyone is feeling better.