Monday, February 26, 2007


I don't have any pics of cards ready for you so I am posting some other pics I have taken this week instead.

This one is of my little "Imp" playing in the high chair while I was making supper. She now loves play-doh (Daddy started that).

This is what Joe and Ian were doing while I was making supper. The neighbor with the tractor made this hill for Ian when he plowed for us.

Emma figured out how to climb on the bed in the playroom a few weeks ago so now she is there all the time. They both love to sit there and read and watch out the window (which is why there are so many finger prints on the window behind them).

Tonight I did the big blossom card with my last group so now I can tell you that it was with the faux shaving cream technique. I inked up the stamp with tempting turquoise and then used a wheel (in this case the Poinsettia jumbo wheel) to remove ink from spots on the stamp. You use kind of a twisting motion (don't wheel it) randomly all over the stamp.

I have lots of pictures of my stamp room and cards to share with you but you will have to wait until tomorrow (and the following days 'cause I don't want to post everything at once). I need some sleep and in the morning I am going to edit some pics and post here and upload some more to my SCS gallery. I also have a couple more links to add. Have you checked the ones I added last week? They are on the right.

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Happy Stamper said...

I am glad you posted pics of the kids! We are missing the munchkins and can't wait til we see them again. Ian looks like he is having fun and Emma is 'always' so happy! sending our LOVE to them both!