Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

These are the cards Ian and I did for his class party today. He stamped all of the bugs on the front and I stamped the inside and put them together last night. This morning he signed all of them. I figured I would be lucky to get him to do his teachers but he did every single one. I am so proud :) and he is too 'cause he made them. On the back is a little bear that is holding a heart and it says hand stamped by "Ian".

Have a great day!


Roberta said...

Nice valentines, Ian!

Do you think this might be the start of a stamping addiction? It could be hereditary - and I don't think he got it from Joe!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Ian! They are so cute and I like the idea that you have your very own stamp that says made by Ian! Am sure your friends will really like them.
Speedy B

Stampin' Valley Girl said...

Awesome job Ian!! I bet that your friends will be so glad to get a homemade awesome Valentine like that!!!! Great job!!!

Happy Stamper said...

Love your cards Ian! The bugs are a favorite of mine too! I am so proud of YOU!

Sandra said...

Ian: Your cards are awesome! My granddaughter and I made her Valentines too, and they were nice, but yours are GREAT!!

"Queen B" Stampers said...

OHHH Ian I really love your Valentin'es that you made. I bet you and Mom had fun stamping.