Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hit Hard

I'm sorry I don't have anything new to share yet. I have been getting ready for stamp camp (this Saturday) and have been fighting a cold all week but last night is when I got hit hard. After I picked Emma up at the babysitter yesterday I was getting supper ready and she was sick. She fell asleep on the couch at 6:30 and I took her up to bed shortly after that. Around 1:30am she called me crying asking me to take her glasses off............the poor thing had her eyes "glued" shut. I think she picked up pink eye from playgroup last week :(. Not long after I got her cleaned up and back in bed she was sick again. Needless to say I didn't get much sleep last night as she was sick until around 5:30 this morning and we were up at 7 to get Ian ready for school.

Oh yea, and to top it all off Joe is away this week so he isn't here to "relieve me" in the evenings. I always miss that time when there's 2 of us here to spell each other off. Especially stamp camp week. At least there is no class tonight.

So far Emma has been ok this morning so hopefully she will be ok now so I can get everything cut out for Saturday. I will try to post a sneak peek tomorrow if I can get lots done today........wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Oh, poor Emma!! I have Polysporin drops if you need them. And if you need someone to "relieve" you in the evenings please call. You know how much I need to get out at nite now!!


Angie said...

I hear you on the being hit hard. Brayden and Kent both got the flu bug from hell that lasted a week. And when all had calmed down, Brayden got it again. There were 21 out of 26 students home sick for two days in the grade 3 class at my kids school. 50+ students were out from the whole school (there are only 190 kids in the whole school). They are also warning about pink eye going around too. Holy much can one mom take eh?

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry to hear that Emma is sick, always seems to happen when Joe's away, eh? Hope you both are feeling better today.
Talk to you soon,

Happy Stamper said...

This is when being do far apart REALLY sucks! Wish I could be there to help. Love to everyone and hang in there!

Paulette said...

It's just starting to leave our house (fingers crossed)'s always doubly hard when there aren't four hands around :o(
Karen, could you tell me where to go to get a GOOD deal on the nestabilities??? thanks ;0)