Monday, May 19, 2008

Another awesome weekend

Mom and Dad left this morning after their visit here for the long weekend (although somehow it never seems long enough). As usual we packed as much into the weekend as we possibly could. Saturday Mom, Emma and I went into town to pick up a few odds and ends and made a quick stop into CompuPro (of course, Mom and I can't go to town without going there. LOL). Saturday night we had company over to play a game of Skip Bo. I don't think I have played any games since New Year's so I was happy to have a game :)

Sunday morning we were trying to decide what to do and between Mom and I we convinced Dad and Joe to go to Saint John to the zoo. I know you are thinking we have a thing for the zoo (we did make it there after PAAT) but at least this time we had the kids for an excuse. LOL!

When we left here it was gorgeous and warm but when we got to the zoo it was cold and just starting to rain. Of course we couldn't tell the kids (esp. Ian) that we couldn't stay so we borrowed umbrellas from the zoo and went anyways. It was actually not that bad once we got going and by the end of it the sun was back out.

Last night we went up to the farm to go for a wagon ride and to see the animals........Ian wanted Grammy and Grampie to see Tewhana (remember Ian's favorite cow?) but the cows are outside now and didn't come close enough to the fence.

Everyone here is coming down with colds now but I am going to keep
trying to fight it. Ian started with it last week and Emma was feeling really bad tonight (so bad that she couldn't even eat her favorite supper........Macaroni and Cheese). She was asleep before 7 so hopefully she sleeps all night.

Ian has his second week of soccer tomorrow night so as long as he is feeling well enough to go you can pretty much guarantee there will be some soccer pics this week.

Hope you all had a good long weekend :)


Sandra said...

You certainly did pack alot into a not so nice weather wise week-end...The pictures of the children are so cute..."Stampin Stud" is cute too LOL!! I know how much you treasure time with your family...glad you all had so much fun!

Angie said...

I am glad that your weekend was jam packed!! It wasn't a very nice weekend but it sounds like you made the most of it! Your kids sure do like animals eh?

Happy Stamper said...

Hi Karen,
Great recap...I think Ian loved the umbrella as much as the Zoo. He will probably be requesting trips to the Zoo in the rain now. Thanks for everything! Your pizza, Joe's picnic forgot to blog about the squashed pie...the one on the bottom of the picnic basket...a REALLY fun weekend...we sure know how to live life to the fullest, don't we!