Thursday, November 15, 2007

I am still here :)

Earlier today I was thinking that I was surprised that I haven't had any e-mails or anyone giving me a hard time for not posting but then I had class tonight and there were a few people getting after me. LOL!

I guess you guys have missed me?

I am coming down with a cold (thanks to Mom and Amy) and was planning on going to be as soon as I got home but I was starting to feel guilty and decided you need something new to look at.

Before I explain the cards I have to say I had an awesome time in Moncton with Mom, Amy and all the other lovely ladies that partied with us till too late Saturday night/Sunday morning. We had soooo much fun. I loved all of my classes. I wouldn't have changed one of them but I do wish I could have some how fit more in. I do have 2 kits to work on though :)

There was talk on the weekend that they may not be able to do it again because the #'s were lower than they would like and I really hope they can do it again next year. Mom had a great idea on how to save the $ and I think I will do it too. If anyone wants more info let me know.

Now onto the cards. The first one is from the last stamp camp. We used crystal effects to make the icicles (put it on wax paper, sprinkle with glitter and let dry). They are really shimmery in real life.

The second card is one I made a while ago while I was playing around with some of the chipboard from the mini (I can't remember what it is called right now). The scalloped square is the chipboard piece. I used a craft re-inker to paint the ink on. The ribbon is the awesome satin ribbon (chocolate chip) from the mini.

Now I can go to bed :)


Tina said...

OMG, that icicle card is gorgeous and what a neat idea on how to make the icicles. I want to try it now!! LOL Great cards!!

Happy Stamper said...

Okay, you earned bedtime! Love the cards and our Moncton weekend. Sorry you caught our cold. Have fun at Stamp Camp!

My Paper World said...

Very pretty cards!

Corie said...

Love these cards -- FANTASTIC