Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Going Pink

Well a different shade of pink with a new template. What do you think? I have been planning on making some changes but I wanted to stay pink for Breast Cancer awareness month. I decided to make the changes but keep some pink.

I also have been playing around with making my avatar. Do you like her/me? LOL! I wish I really looked like that. Hehehe. I had to add my dog in there (there weren't really any kids that worked) and I am wearing a pink shirt for this month, at least until closer to Halloween. I may have to change closer to Halloween :)

I have some cards I have taken pics of and a few more I need to do so once I get those done I will put them on my computer and will add something for you later.

We had a great weekend with my family. It was really hard when it was time to say good bye's but in just over a month Mom, Amy and I will be meeting in Moncton for our annual scrapbooking weekend so we have that to look forward to. I'm pretty sure Grampie will be coming here to spend the weekend with Joe and the kids so they will have some time together too :)

Time to get lunch ready for Emma and I and hopefully I will have some time after that to get some pics together.

Also, please let me know if you find the new colors hard to see or if there is anything I need to change. Sometimes it shows up different depending on the computer you are viewing it on. Some of my links have dissapeared as well so this should be a good time to update my list as well.

Edited: I just added *lots* of new links for you to check out. I don't get to check all of them every day but I do try to check in on as many as I can:)

To get your own Avatar just click on the link at the bottom of my Avatar and it will take you to Yahoo where you will need an account. It is free and there were lots of fun things to choose from when you get there. I can see myself changing it often and it is supposed to change automatically on my blog when I make changes on Yahoo. This could be lots of fun.

One more thing, I know there are lots of you checking in that don't comment. Please don't be shy and let me know you were here. I would love to hear your feedback.


Happy Stamper said...

Karen, I love it! I need to know how to get an AVATAR, okay, WHAT IS an avatar??? Love the dog and the pink sweater looks great on you! Nice touch to go PINK! We had such a fun time and we can focus on that instead of good-bye. I would love one of those pink sweaters but after all the food you fed us, I don't think it will fit! LOL

Dianne H-C said...

Karen, your "pink" blog looks awesome :) Thanks for making my day more interesting!

Anonymous said...

Great new look! Love the "pink" look. Thanks for adding more links.
Speedy B