Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sneak Peek

But first a picture of my little cutie with her Daddy's "American Choppers" hat on. She is saying "cheese". She loves having her picture taken now. Too bad she wouldn't have posed like this for the Christmas pictures I was trying to take. Oh well, maybe next year.

So here is the sneak peek but sorry you don't get to see the whole thing. One more little teaser is it is not a card.

I have been super busy trying to get ready for the party Friday night and class on Saturday. It has been over a month since we have had a stamp camp so I am really looking forward to a day of stamping. Hopefully I will have more to post later in the week. Maybe another sneak peek or maybe I will even have some time to play and show you something different. Wish me luck. I really should try to prepare a little more ahead but I do work well under pressure.


5886592 said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh is she ever sweet. I am totally bumbed that I will be missing Stamp Camp!!


Anonymous said...

She is SO... cute! I can't wait to see them both!
I wish I could work under pressure! You sure did get that trait for me!

linda said...

What a cutie pie! :o)
Went to your stamp camp today and LOVED all the wonderful projects you had us do! Thank you!