Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Pink Fire Truck

Ian's Birthday was yesterday and when I told him we were going to make a cake he said he wanted a Fire Truck cake.
I found a picture on Kraft Canada and asked Joe to pick up the things I needed. Ian and I made the cake in the morning and while he was playing I cut it up in the shape of the truck.
When Joe got home I decorated it but had a little trouble with tinting the Cool Whip. I used a whole bottle of red food coloring with a couple of drops of blue and still ended up with a pink Fire Truck. I think I sould have made a yellow one.
Last night Ian told my sister that he had a pink Fire Truck cake and when she asked why he said "because I like pink". Lucky for me right?


Roberta said...

As long as he's happy! You should have called me. I have that pasty food coloring that colors really good. So how are you going to top this cake on Saturday?

Nicks Yacks said...

Happy Birthday Ian!!!

I love the cake!!! It looks good pink and all!

Happy Stamper said...

You are so.. talented! lucky for Ian!I wish you still had your pony you made out of play doh so you could post it! I am sure the stampers would love to see it too! Maybe you could make another one! He!He!

Angela said...

Hey nothing wrong with a pink fire fact a pink fire truck would get noticed more than a red one. Ian looks like he really liked it too. Hope he had a great day.

Happy Birtday Ian!

Tina said...

How cute!! Great job on the cake, it's so hard to get red though! But, it's a good thing he likes pink :o)