Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Love it!

I have seen the slide shows on other blogs before and finally decided to get one for myself. It really was easy and I love how I can have my cards displayed like this. I am going to have to take pics of more cards so I can have most of them on here.

Angela asked about the other cards I did at the Christmas in August class-the faux postage penguin is the other one I was going to post.

Let me know what you think of the slide show. I could also make it a banner across the top but wanted to try it this way for now.


Tina said...

Too funny, I went and copied Angela's and then saw on her Blog that you had created one too. How do you make it a banner??? I just added mine as a post, but would like to keep it at the top permanently!

linda said...

I like the slide show! You are really getting good at this blog stuff Karen! :o)

Happy Stamper 17 said...

That is really cool. I may have to look into this eventually when I get more confident in my card making abilities.

Your cards are beautiful!!